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September 3, 2014

[pinterest]Moving on with our kitchen redesign, it was time to talk windows. As you can see in our kitchen nook:


It is in need of some fabric love. But of course, things are not always easy. My husband does not want to cover any of the window molding and we do not want to cover up the view:

kit shades

Tall window panels will not work here because it is too small of an area. Plus all of the molding would be covered up. So my next thought was maybe interior roman shades:

kitchen window1


I was pretty excited about the roman shades until my appointment with my window expert. He explained using roman shades would bring fabric to the room but when folded up all the way open, the stack would hang so low (because of the thickness of material), it would cover a lot of the window:

kitchen window2


Our only option for now is to hang cellular shades like we did in the living room:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 livingrm 1


Their purpose is keeping out the sun which it does very well, without the loss of view.

As I am working through my own window challenge, here are some beautiful kitchen window treatments for inspiration and ideas:

kitchen window3


kitchen window4


houzz window7


kitchen window6


kitchen window7


houzz window9


houzz window


houzz window2


houzz window3


houzz window5


houzz window6


houzz window8b


All so pretty! I saw a couple ideas I might be able to try on my kitchen windows. Which are your favorites?

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  1. Kelly – to further add to your dilemma, could you ask your window expert the following question.

    What is the best cellular blind choice for the living room/dining room area for the following criteria: a thermal insulation blind that keeps out the winter cold but also lets in maximum light?

    Thanks, Cindy

  2. I agree – don’t cover the molding or the view. I have windows like that and my decorator said to leave alone – they add architectural interest. Cellular shades stack to almost nothing and provide sun control and privacy when needed. Your view is to die for – those window moldings look like a picture frame that “frame” the landscape. That’s what grabs my attention.

  3. I feel your pain, Kelly. Every window in my house has its own challenges. Biggest is the corner window setup in the kitchen which had cellular blinds when I move in. Problem is that they were old and the cords were too far away (I’m sorta vertically challenged) and eventually both blinds fell down. I need them for privacy at night but also I need something in the south window to cut the heat of the sun without blocking all the light and the view. For privacy, I got short bamboo blinds from BB&B with the rings similar to the grey & white ones above and hung them on a tension rod inside the window. For the sun, I’m currently using a piece of Suntek solar screen material cut to fit the window and wrapped around a tension rod inserted at the top of the window. Not the best idea but debating whether to have an inside blind made for that window with a remote. Need similar sun protection on some of my very wide windows during part of the year but that brings up the issue of permanent attachment and bulk and how do you practically “blind” an 8′-wide window. Challenges, challenges. I’ll be eager to see what you come up with.

  4. So many great ideas here. Could you use a simple tension rod mounted inside the frame at the top and then make your own faux Roman shades? I’ve seen some great tutorials on them online. I too would hate to cover that gorgeous view. 🙂

  5. Kelly, I like the Roman Shade idea much better then the Cellular shades. The corner could use a little color so maybe you can have Faux Roman Shades made? They would only be stationary and decorative..So no need to have them go all the way down to the window sill resulting in thickness that would cover most of the window.

    • I thought of that Luci. But to make it look good, you still have to hang a bit down on window. And that would be covering the view. It really needs something though.

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