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June 21, 2014


I have always thought that finding the right accessory for the kitchen island was challenging. Everything looks either too small or too large. I love fresh flowers, but that can get expensive. So I usually group a few items together to get the right proportion of accessories for the size of island.

The other day, just messing around, I thought about trying a tray to keep everything together. So I took my tray from the living room:


And changed out a couple items to look more kitchen-y:


Don’t you think it is a pretty good idea to use a tray for the island? I have seen a lot of kitchen photography over the years, and I have never noticed a tray being used. Easy to lift and move everything out of the way at once. And I think I will use the tray a lot more being in the kitchen to carry and hold stuff.

I really like this tray I had bought for the ottoman. I had looked a long time for one before I found one I really liked:


And since I already looked forever for this perfect tray, I am getting the same exact one because I like it so much! Target.

target trayvia

The size works well for my island and I like that the wood tray ties in with my cabinets.

Genius! haha Give it a try in your kitchen, I think you will really like the idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great idea, Kelly! But, oh for an island. I really miss the 4’x7′ or 8′ one my late hubbie and I had in our previous home. My current small home has no room for a permanent island and though, living alone, I’d have just enough counter space to get by, but 3 cat people tremendously complicate the situation. Nevertheless I’m working along these lines and already have a large happy green wooden tray I got from Target a while ago just waiting for inspiration touches. I did come up with one creative idea that I think will work well in the eventual painted white cabinet country kitchen I’m going for. Found a small slatted white wooden box/crate with a handle which sits on the corner of the counter and holds clean cat dishes, food can lids, etc. Working on a decorate little “les chats” label to set it off. I’m a big fan of lavender, the plant, and I will have that in my kitchen as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love that tray Kelly and the idea of putting one on the kitchen counter is great! I have a really pretty red rattan tray from Indonesia which is hidden away in a cupboard so out it’s coming!
    I really love the arrangement on your ottoman and thank you for the link to Target for your beautiful tray. I love your new photo too:)

    • Thank you Alice! That red tray should not be in the cupboard- I am glad you are going to use! Even a dining room table centerpiece would look nice with a tray.

  3. I love your vignettes Kelly! So pretty with the fresh flowers. I have a large platter I’m using for a tray on our kitchen counter. It has 3 matching glass containers I use canisters, and a little cherub figurine. They do work wonderfully for corraling items and showing them off.

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