Interior Stone Accent Wall

October 8, 2016

stone dining room

Looking for a unique idea for that large empty wall? I am working with a client now that is looking for something  unusual and different to fill his great big empty wall:

empty wall

One of my suggestions he loved was to put in an interior stone wall:

stone bedroom wall

A large range of interior stone cladding is now available, in all sorts of stone types, colors and textures. It will bring texture and character to any room and can be used in big expanses or simply as a feature wall. Such as a stairwell:

stone stairway

Stone is not just for the rustic. Look how well it also works in a contemporary setting:

stone wall

Aren’t they gorgeous? I would not suggest for a smaller home, this idea works best in a large open room:

stone and woood

stone stairs

stone wall 2

Love this!:

stone wall love

So beautiful! Might be my favorite!

A basement wall is another great spot for an accent wall:

stone basement

stone bedroom

stone entry

stone office

I will send my client this post of inspiring rooms with stone accent walls and see what he decides. I will keep you updated! Would this be an idea you would consider for your home?

Have a great weekend everyone!


photo one, photo two, photo three, photo four, photo five, photo six, photo seven, photo eight, photo nine, photo ten, photo eleven, photo twelve, photo thirteen


  1. The idea of a stone accent wall is excellent. As you already stated…it adds so much texture, character and interest to an otherwise ordinary space.
    I look forward to seeing the final results of this project. Enjoy the process!

  2. These images look lovely. I can see however that some kind of molding, or an inset of some type would allow the edges of the stone to be covered. I have an open concept home, but for this reason, I would not be able to use this idea as an accent. Really do like this option however!

  3. I’ve seen stone walls in some of the homes on the Modern Atlanta homes tours here in the last few years. They really are beautiful, but I think they’re best in (as you say) large spaces and, I would think, in homes of people who have a cleaning crew. I wouldn’t want to keep the uneven surfaces dust-free. Also, the crevices would make great spider-homes. But there’s no denying they ARE pretty!

  4. Thanks Kelly,your post is sooo well timed I just received a sample of a ledgerstone panel I am think about for wall in my great room! It does look nice. I am trying to figure out if I do the whole wallor just a section… Look forward toseeing what your client decides.

  5. My parents had a stone wall in a home with a vaulted ceiling. Even though my mom is a very thorough and frequent housekeeper (and had a housekeeper), spiders were always on that wall. I can’t think of a stone wall without thinking about the spider webs. They can build a very large web in just a few hours, so it can be clean at night and then you wake up to a big web in the morning. It was an older farmhouse, not the tight envelope you find in modern homes, which may make a difference.

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