Ideas For That Wall Behind The Sofa

January 8, 2013


Do you have trouble thinking of ideas on what to use in that large space behind and above the sofa?


That prime decorating space is usually between six to eight feet wide. That is a huge area and should be treated as a huge area when thinking of accessories that will work. It other words, think big!



One of the biggest mistakes I see is hanging something that’s too small and actually makes the wall look more awkward. Think gigantic!:



Look closely at the above photo. See how they used wallpaper and then put painted white molding around it? What a great idea! I might have to try that.

Another idea I love that is gaining popularity is the gallery wall:

gallery wall



Gallery walls are perfect for creating a focal point in any room and are a great way to incorporate creative ideas. My favorite thing about a gallery wall is that it can be interpreted in so many ways. To some, a gallery wall is a collage of various styles and sizes of frames. To others, a gallery wall is unified frames hung in a grid pattern:



I love the idea of a collage on the wall! Best is that there are no rules! You can mix and match frames and artwork, vintage posters and photos and mirrors in an uneven display and it looks brilliant:





Another creative way to fill in the space behind the sofa is with small ledges:





See how the grouping is together with the sofa? Be sure to include the sofa as part of your arrangement and build off of that:



Another great option is mirrors. By themselves or along with art:


I think they always look fabulous and will never go out of style.





One last idea that also looks great and is practical, is a console table behind the sofa:





As I wrote about here, console tables are such a perfect addition to many spaces and behind the sofa is one of the countless ways you can use this exceptional table:



Not only useful for holding your glass of wine, a table behind the sofa gives you a place to put a set of matching lamps, a pretty vase, a couple books and anything else you want. Another place to decorate and fill the wall at the same time:





I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration that you can use in your home. Be creative and have fun. It will make you smile every time you see it! Any other suggestions to work with that big wall?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

Here is one example you can find on Pinterest for ideas and layouts of gallery walls:



  1. Perfect blog!! Just the inspiration I needed to redo my living room!! As always, thank you! Love the pictures- can’t wait to show my husband!

  2. What a fantastic blog, full of amazing ideas for what to put behind the sofa~ love this! I cringe when I see photos with one piece of art too small in scale and hung to high off the couch. Pinning this and sharing on my page. Thanks Kelly!

  3. Very timely post for me, Kelly. Just moved into my new home and I have a vaulted ceiling behind the couch. Although I have a fairly large painting which I love behind the couch, I suspect I’llwant something more in the future. The pix you pulled are full of great ideas and have already got me thinking and looking. Thanks much!

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  5. wow! you are brilliant! I have a long family room wall that is full wainscoting top to is the accent wall of that room. In front of it will be a loveseat and then on an angle will be a single chair. Could you tell me what type of wall décor I could layer onto this wall please? Do I need one thing centred over the 2 seatings or separate items?
    Please help as soon as possible. Many Thanks,

  6. I’m still stuck. I have cathedral ceilings. I placed a sofa table behind the sofa with a group of large to small vases and a long stem orchid in an urn. My problem is the 40″L x 25″ W Klimt the Kiss artwork (that I love viewing) is behind and above the sofa but I can’t figure how or what to hang with it.

    • Hi Teena,

      Did you try bringing the artwork, sofa and table close to each other? So they are part of a group? Hang the art just a little over the table, to the side if possible, then put orchid or lamp over on other side of table and fill in middle with a stack of books, etc. Keeping things close together is the key to make it look like a group.

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