Ideas For That 10% Color Pop

October 28, 2013



When putting together a color scheme for a room, I always try to follow the 60/30/10 color rule:



60% of the room’s color can be the wall color.
30% of the room’s color can be the upholstery/window treatments.
10% of the room’s color is can be an accent piece or a floral arrangement.

I wrote an article here about the 60/30/10 rule if you want to read more. An easy way to understand and remember the rule is to think of it as a man’s suit:


60% of the outfit’s color is the slacks and jacket,
30% of the outfit’s color is the shirt,
10% of the outfit’s color is the tie.

So when a favorite client of mine recently wrote and asked if I could suggest any ideas to help her finish the room after she just received her new custom furniture:


I know her well enough now that when I suggested bringing in navy blue as an accent color, she was happy and excited!

A few common ways to bring in the 10% accent color of navy are accessories such as pillows, picture frames, rugs, lamps, books, trays and vases. I also like to bring in a colored throw in a room to warm it up as well as bringing in the color.

One idea I mentioned that was new to her, was to also bring in a garden seat for her living room in a navy blue:

blue stool


blue garden stool


They are easy to find and not used just for gardens anymore:



garden stools miles redd


Do you try to incorporate a 10% pop of color in your room design?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.

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