How I am Decorating Rental Home Using What I Already Own

January 12, 2019

I thought I would share a couple photos of how I decorated the rental we are staying in with our existing furnishings. Pulled pieces from different bedrooms, living room and storage to put together a few pretty rooms.  Might as well make it nice while we are living here!

Remember the spare room we had to fix for guests coming to visit here?


guest room before

I used our old bedframe that was previously in a guest room in our old home. Lamps I pulled out from storage, to work with carpet. The bedding and even window treatments are also taken from closets where I was storing them.

guest room

Nothing fancy or magazine worthy, but I think it came out nice:

guest room after2

guest room after3

Ohhhh.. look how nice the accent pillow works with the lamps! haha

guest room after

And the spare bath we had to do over:

bath before


new bath

Here  is how the previous owner set up his living room:


And this is how we set it up:

living room after2


All the furniture and accessories are all from living room in our previous home.

lroom after

living corner

Remember how I could not decide on what to do with my dining room here?

Here was previous owner’s space:


After when we first moved in:


After I sold a couple pieces of furniture and gave my daughter our dining room table:

dining room2

Work in progress.

I love decorating cozy corners:




What do you think? Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Very much improved. Amazing what one can do with one already has without spending a lot of money. I like your sense of scale and balance.

  2. You never know when your going to use that piece you put in storage or hid in the back of a spare bedroom closet. It all looks great. I have two favorite pieces, one the blue velvet sofa/ottoman & two the blue & white rug in the dining area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your accessories add the perfect finishing touches. Love all the shades of blue in your rooms. Looks very cozy and inviting!

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