Home Office Bookshelves Complete & How to Find Stuff for Styling Bookshelves

June 30, 2018

The original plans were that our new office would be finished by the end of May. What is the date today? July 1. Has this ever happened to you? Of course it has.

But it  is coming out beautifully. My husband Mike has put a lot of time and work into designing and building these shelves. I thought before the final show of the room, I would give you a few ideas on how to find items to display to make your bookshelves beautiful!:

new shelvesBefore I can even start to decorate; BIG TIP: When you hire electricians for a job, make sure you tell them exactly where the plugs will be. I assumed, wrong, that they would put the plugs close to bottom of shelf or anywhere else besides where they put them in the middle of the wall. Duh. So before I do anything, I have to cover the plugs:


Better. My first place to look for items to style the shelves is shopping my own home. In closets, basement and cupboards. I have tons of stuff from over the years! I knew that the very top shelf of the bookcase would look best with one simple accessory that one, looks good and two, takes up room. That can be a tray or I like to use a basket:

basket one

Baskets are great for hidden storage. I love this basket and it works. The problem- I have two sides of bookshelves to fill, meaning I need two baskets but I only have one. Does it have to be the same you ask? I think yes. You have to tie the sides in together and the best way to do that is with pairs. My only option, because I do not have a pair of baskets that will work, is to go to the store:



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Home Goods

I did find a pair I liked and they work, but I really like the look of the first basket . Web search begins!

new baskets

They look nice. They do work well for storage of my paperbacks too. And the top shelf is complete with symmetry on both sides.

For the rest of the shelves, I like to tackle one side at a time. I do not worry about matching the two sides, the top shelf does that.  So I start gathering a few items I really would like to display such as books, favorite photos and items from a collection I love:

starting shelves

I love my collection of handmade houses I bought over the years, but they do not seem to show well on the shelves:

houses shelf

I also tried using my collection of blue and white vases:

blue jars

To tie the two sides of the bookshelf together, always  use similar objects on both sides. Here I used books, blue and whites vases and gold pieces:

new shelves2

new shelves3

shelf b

shelves finished

I love them! Very happy how they came out.

new book shelf


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations on the move! It is a daunting task, as I have just learned moving to our new spot in Maine. But we were fortunate to be close enough to our family and friends that we can go back and forth easily. Gotta stay close to those grand-babies!!

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