Here Comes Autumn

September 1, 2013

[pinterest]pumpkin love


I find it so hard to believe that it is already September 1, 2013. It feels like June was just beginning! Did you enjoy your summer?

fall 3


I had a wonderful summer this year. And since I can not stop the clock, I am going to have to accept that Autumn is here.



There are so many things to love about the Fall, isn’t there? Cooler weather, enhanced decorating, better clothes, great TV, (hey, I have my priorities!) And I know I am not the only one thinking of Autumn. This pumpkin below was my number one most ‘pinned’ item the last few weeks:

white pumpkin

Autumn is the most simple season to decorate, don’t you think?

fall 4


fall 5


I love this idea!:

fall 6


fall 7


fall 8


pumpkin man


pumpkin tub

Simple and beautiful. Just the way we like it! Happy Autumn everyone!

fall 9


I thought this picture was cool:



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  1. Kelly, I can smell Fall 2013 coming! With the great photos you’ve clipped on this post, I’m truly getting an urge to use the one you’re showing with the wicker chair “dressed for fall”….. check out the September date you’re showing on your email “September 1 2014″….although you probably caught that by now. Thank you for this inspirational way to get me to thinking about pumpkins and all those beautiful fall colors. Angie in Greensboro, NC September 2, 2013

  2. I too love the Fall…I have just recently moved to Arizona. So I am now dealing with a different weather zone. What to do….???!!…

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