Helping My Daughter Decorate Her New Home

August 9, 2012

I am so excited that my daughter Meg has asked me to help her decorate her new home! I did not want to overstep my boundaries and give advice where advice was not wanted but now that she has asked for help…

Meg & Ian’s new home.

Meg and her soon to be married, (November 10, 2012!) fiancé Ian just bought their first home. I am so happy for them! You may remember my post Moving Into Your First Home, where I tried to explain that it takes time making a “house” into a “home”. So on top of buying a new home and getting married, they want to fix up their place a bit to make it theirs. And they have no money! 🙂

I told her to start with one room so that she would not be overwhelmed. “OK”, she said, “Let’s start in the bedroom!”.  Here are a couple pictures she sent:

100_2523 (3)

I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted you to see the whole room:

100_2518 (3)

100_2521 (3)

100_2517 (2)

Meg does not like the light blue on the walls or the dark blue on the closets. The room looks smaller than it is and I think it is because of the choppiness of all the colors. So my first suggestion 1. Paint the entire room white, such as Ben Moore Cloud White 967 including the trim and ceiling. A light gray would also work such as Ben Moore Wickham HC-171 or Ben Moore Stonington Gray HC-170. I also like the Coventry Gray HC-169. The beams on the ceiling would look nice painted also, but they might want to keep the original stain  for character. Painting the room and trim all one color will make the room appear larger. I also chose a ‘clean’ white and gray to work with the white in the comforter. A beige or ‘dirty’  wall color would not work well with the bedding.


Next I would try the bed in front of the window (where the air conditioner is now). That would be the first thing you would see when you walk in the room- the focal point. Yes, you can put the bed in front of the window! And here are a few beautiful examples from Bungalow At Home:




I suggest painting their headboard white until they can afford something they love. The pictures above illustrate perfectly how I would frame the two windows with window treatments with the rod hung close to the ceiling. The fabric should be light for this room. A couple for them to choose from:





Love these below! Who cares that they are outdoor panels!:



A rug to bring in color:

Rugs USA Keno Floral Symphony Black Rug

Rugs USA


Rugs USA Homespun Moroccan Trellis Navy Blue Rug

Rugs USA

Then accessorize the room with that color of the rug you choose. For example lamps:

Lamps Plus

After moving the bed more in the middle of the room, I would move the dresser down the room under the TV where it would not be seen as soon as you walk in. Maybe I can convince her to use Annie Sloan Chalk paint to paint over her old dresser!:

source  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence

And every room needs a beautiful mirror:

Mirrored Frame 35 1/2" Wide Moonlight Wall Mirror

Lamps Plus

And a beautiful chandelier will be perfect over the bed:



I think I have given her a lot of projects! One more thing I must mention: get rid of the old wooden knobs on the cupboards and replace with glass knobs or anything else! 🙂 Sorry babe!:

100_2521 (3)

I will let you know if she likes (of course she will!) and follows my advice. I tried to keep the prices reasonable since their budget is tight right now. I know painting will make such a big change in the room immediately and inexpensively.  I hope you like it sweetheart! What do you think my decorating friends?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.


  1. I love their bedding! And the bedroom has so much character – I think what you’re proposing is going to really bring that out. I can’t wait for the day to come (and keep my fingers crossed that I’m invited) to help my daughter out with her first home! We’ve worked together on her bedroom this past year – I would love to add a few more touches, but she’s more of a minimalist than I am, and she loves her room, so I have to back off and respect that she’s cozy in her den! 🙂 So much fun, Kelly. I am eager to follow along with the progress…

  2. Your daughter is definitely in good hands! Great advice to focus on one room. It is easy to get overwhelmed and pulled in different directions when so many projects call out to you at once. What an exciting time for all of you! Of course I second the dresser painted in Chalk Paint (TM). A wash of color of the beams may be nice to0..French Linen mixed with a little water applied over the surface would give it a driftwood feel. Good luck with the project! Can’t wait to see the ‘afters’

  3. Great ideas, Kelly! How fun that you get to help your daughter make her house into a home. I recently did a living room with those type of beams on the ceiling – we did Classic Gray walls, white trim (can’t remember which, maybe White Dove) Kendall Charcoal on the beams and doors, and Gray Owl on the ceiling. Sooo pretty and clean!

  4. Oh I’d have a bunch of ideas too! Actually I did a room for a client using almost that same bedding. It’s so fun to work with.

    We painted the walls with Columbia Paints color “Santo” a really soft gray. It made the room soooo pretty that she decided to use it in another bedroom.

    Personally I would not add in too much color into this small bedroom. Maybe just a pop or two here and there (But you know I’m a “neutrophile” hahha!) For bedrooms I really like to do “quiet colors/quiet looks”.

    I cannot wait to see how this room comes together! Thanks so much for sharing it Kelly.

    As they used to say on TV “back in the day”…”Stay tuned!” 🙂

  5. P.S. For those who think putting the bed directly by the window, and wondering if the AC will be in the way, it probably won’t. We stayed at a B & B where the room was arranged that way and it worked fine. I will say that the headboard was an old iron open-work one. Since your daughter’s is similar, this should work out splendidly!

  6. Great ideas, Kelly. I understand your caution….as I have two daughters… Your ideas are so spot on and your daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law will LOVE it!

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