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July 19, 2014


Another reason I love summer is because I am able to find time to do those things I enjoy most. Such as taking photography classes.



I picked up a tip in class this week that I never knew and thought I would share with you because it is smart and useful.

You know how you usually delete your photos on your camera with the little ‘delete’ trash can button? It asks if you want to delete this photo or all photos?



Well, that is how I have always deleted my photos from my memory card. But I found out in class, that every time you delete your images this way, it is corrupting and damaging your memory card and will eventually render your card useless.

The correct way to delete your photos that will not damage your card is to go to your camera’s menu, then setup and then choose Format Card. It will ask if you want all images deleted, select yes/ format.




Formatting permanently deletes all the data on the memory card. The deleted files can not be recovered so be sure to transfer important pictures to your computer!

I hope you have learned a little something new about your camera. Another photography tip I have found so helpful is to find, or order online, a User Manual for your camera. I have been reading page by page while playing with my camera and I have learned so much.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Be sure to take time to do those things you love. Time goes by too fast.


  1. Wonderful tips Kelly – thanks so much. I am so bad about printing my photos, it is something I have on my”to do” list this summer. I have 10 years worth to tend to!!! You are right, time goes by too fast.
    Will look at Photography 101 too and your other links.
    Thanks again Kelly 🙂

  2. Good tip about deleting. I’ve regularly saved pictures to my computer but most activities on my camera are a mystery, partially because the “millions” of icons on the camera are so minute even looking at the page of icons in the manual isn’t necessarily a help. My computer guru brother in Missouri helps with me so many things via TeamViewer. I’ll check this out with him.

    Definitely will check out Photography 101 because I’d love to take better photos of my house, a lot of which involves dealing with the light. And living in Sun City West, a 55+ community here in Arizona, I have access to 100s of classes and I know there are some on photography so, with your inspiration, no more excuses.

  3. When I am putting photos from my camera to my computer, I “cut” them from my phone and paste them to my computer. Do you know if this deletes them appropriately?

    • I am not sure about phones Beth. I would Google- ‘how to delete photos from phone correctly’ and see what info comes up. Good luck!

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