Guest Room Design Plan

May 6, 2015

I am happily very busy working lately. One project I would like to share is a local RI home in Jamestown. I was hired to redesign the whole home, (yippee) and we are starting in a new guest room suite that is being built:

david guest room

david guest room2

The client had already had the room painted in Revere Pewter. I told him that was an excellent choice! Here are a few of the items I chose to use in the room:

David Guest Room Board

I am going shopping Friday locally to look for bedding and accessories. My favorite part of the job- the hunt for the perfect piece! I will keep you updated. Let me know if you would like any of the sources where items were purchased.

I also am in the middle of moving again. The condo we were renting was sold. Sad to lose our view:


condo view2

And I am not excited to start all over again:

new condo

Tomorrow I am spending the day at Benjamin Moore for their first ever color class. They invited me to critique the seminar! I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. The lucky person who hired you to transform their home is going to be sooo delighted with the transformation! Your color choices and design style are second to none!
    Sorry to hear about the condo- those views are absolutely amazing! But I know you will make your new home just as beautiful.

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