Guest Bath At The New Condo

June 10, 2015

guest bath

I am not sure how I started with the guest bath, but I am happy one room at the new condo is finished! Can you believe it took us a whole week to move? So much work. Moving is not fun.

bath detail

Now I am finally getting around to the fun decorating part! I found this shower curtain and the whole color scheme was made:

guest bath curtain

One quick trip to Home Goods and I found everything I needed. I found great bath accessories there this time. That does not always happen when you are looking for something in particular.

We are renting this condo for the time being. I am not going to change any of the existing furnishings, you just have to learn to work with it.

guest bath new

I hope the other rooms pull together just as quick and easily! I am enjoying laying everything out to see what I have to work with. Love finding uses for accessories, tables and chairs in other rooms! Here is the plan for the master bath:

Look at this hawk I took a picture of out of the window last week:


Very cool!


  1. Very cute Kelly! I can’t believe you’ve already moved (again : ) I love those colors that you chose for your bath-I pretty much chose the same ones for our re-done bathroom. Best of luck in your new home!

  2. It’s so light and airy! Love it. Only one week to move? Wow it took us nearly a month, only 11 miles away. But we had to move household things and our business shop with tons of tools too. Happy for you that you’re getting settled and ready to do styling so soon. It’s all going to be lovely and we all are eager to see the progress day to day 😀

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