Green and Blue Combination

July 24, 2014


green and navy2


A couple years ago( 2010!), I wrote a post about loving the color combination of green and blue here:



I still love the grouping of the two colors as a combination. Especially green and navy blue:

green and navy


I am working on an online kitchen design project now with a gentleman that needs help with color choices for this type of similar kitchen:

oak cabinets

I still think that green is the absolute best color to work with light wood cabinets:



And to make the kitchen more interesting, I suggested a color palette of green and navy blue:



I think it will look fabulous! I am waiting to see what he decides. I will keep you updated!

green and navy3


What do you think of the green and navy blue color combination?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. I too love green and blue together especially as I was always taught not to put them to gather when I was growing up in Ireland. We had a saying “Blue and green should never be seen but only on a fairy queen!”
    When we bought this house the kitchen had pickled oat cupboards and white walls which I hated but when we painted our walls green they suddenly looked so much better.
    Thanks for all your advice Kelly.

  2. I want to paint my kitchen cabinet’s which are maple 70ish early american style. What colors would Be best for me to choose for them? Thanks

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