Gallery Wall Grid Style

March 31, 2018

Do you love the idea of a gallery wall but struggle to tie random pieces together successfully?  How about hanging your artwork in a grid style gallery?:

grid gallery


Hanging a grid of photos or artwork is a great way to make a big statement . It will visually read as a single piece of art rather than a collection of pieces. This is good look for people like me that love symmetry.

grid gallery wall


grid art gallery


Artwork should be in identical frames.  For a clean look, use thin, white frames. You can also use gold, silver, wood or black. The key is using the same matting for each picture- a white matting looks best.

grid bedroom


Hanging an art grid gallery is great idea for that area behind the sofa I wrote about here:

art over sofa


sofa art


2008-0707B 0003


grid gallery kitchen


The frames will all be the same size so you can easily swap photo/art replacements to get the perfect balance in your arrangement when you want a change. When hanging, the typical space between frames is 2”.

grid art


grid yellow


You can use many frames to fill up an empty wall space:

grid art b


Or you can just use a few smaller frames for your collection:

grid wall


Frames can be expensive. Michaels is a good place to check when they are on sale, usually buy 1 get 1 free. Ikea frames are also a good price which you can find here. I found many ways to hang artwork in a grid gallery style here.  I love the look! How about you?

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Great post Kelly. Most people have a very hard time hanging a group of pictures together. I’m a big fan of gallery walls. I’m about to hang a grouping in my office (just painted) but am waiting until my chair I’m having reupholstered comes back this week.

    Another source of finding picture frames is Craigslist, estate sales, & online auctions. Many times the pictures are not appealing so they sell for cheap. I buy them for the frames. Easy to spray paint all one color.

  2. I love this look, Kelly! I frequently spray disparate frames gold. Each frame is still unique, but all the same color so they work together great 🙂

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