FTD Flower Christmas Tree

December 12, 2015

It’s official! I have named myself the craft queen of Christmas 2016!:




I am just enjoying myself putting these projects together!

So, FTD had written me asking if I would like to decorate a Christmas Tree with real flowers and take photos for their website. I had a choice of a few beautiful arrangement to chose from here. Of course the purple, FTD Joyful Bouquet by Vera Wang won my vote!:


At first I wondered how will the flowers stay alive?? Then I remembered these little floral tubes:

floral tube

Okay! I will give it a try. I actually forgot to take a before photo of the tree when it was bare and naked. I remembered once I already started:

naked tree

My beautiful bouquet to work with:

vera bouquet

I added the flowers last. I think it came out beautiful!:

flower tree

flow tree

ftd close

tree top

I think I could have kept adding and adding ornaments and flowers, but I wanted the white roses to stand out and be the star:

ftd close2


What do you think my decorating friends? Would you try this at home? I do suggest using a small tree because of the live flowers.

I want to thank Brett from FTD for allowing me to take part in this Christmas project! It was fun and allowed me to be more Christmas crafty!


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