Fireplace Wall Design Ideas

August 10, 2019

Mike and I are in the fireplace wall design stage for the new home. I like to get a few ideas together to show Mike to help narrow down our final decision. (There is no way he is going to stand there and look at all the different photos I look at!). Although I loved our NH fireplace:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 kitchen

I think I want something clean and minimal like the rest of the house will be. Although, a stone fireplace is beautiful:

fireplace- stacked stone

Martha O’Hara Interiors



So many different colors and textures of stone!:

fireplace stones


Contemporary Stone:

fireplace stone


fireplace candace

Candice Olson

Marble mosaic tiles:

fireplace candace olsen

Candice Olson

The article said that the above fireplace warmed up the space but I think it looks and feels cold. Don’t you?

Another popular option is marble:

fireplace marble


fireplace marbl


marble fireplace


Slate is another modern choice:

fire slate


fireplace slate


I love the tile surround:

fireplace tile


fireplace tiled


fireplace tiles


I seem to keep coming back to the modern, contemporary look. I must like it!

I also love the clean lines and open design of no stone, just beautiful millwork:

fireplace mill


fireplace milled2


fireplace milled


milled fireplace


Which style would you choose if you had the chance? Which is your favorite Mike?

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

Kelly xo


  1. It’s so interesting to see all these together – you are a great curator! It has made me realize how much my tastes have changed after a year and a half in a condo. Some seem busy to me now when I would have thought them lovely and comfortable two years ago. Photo #2 with the windows in the upper story reminded me of all the spider webs I had to worry about in a house (how would I manage the spider population when they are inaccessible?!).

    My favorite is the last one – quiet and beautiful yet still full of books. Second-favorite is the one with window seats and the white hydrangea in the foreground. Lovely and serene! – thank you for this viewing respite on the day we are messy while painting a bathroom.

  2. Hi Kelly, I’m curious if you looked at porcelain and if it’s reasonable. Looking at the photos, it appears homeowners chose the color of tile based on their furniture color(s) or visa versa. It all coordinates. And perhaps choose style based on the style of the home? The fireplace surround you said felt cold doesn’t have the same tones as the furniture and flooring. I think that’s what makes practical decorating for “real” homes so difficult. If you upgrade the space, you have to think about the furnishings or upgrade that too. I’m sure yours will turn out beautifully just like your New Hampshire home.

    • Hi Mary, If you google or visit Houzz or Pinterest and under search ‘great room” with an extra high ceiling’, you will find a bunch of beautiful rooms. I did put one example on page.

  3. I have painted our living room walls silver marlin, love it but would like to paint the fireplace mantle which is a light golden oak but dont know what colour to paint it, help

    • Hi Judy,

      Such a pretty color! A couple ideas without seeing photos of the room- a natural stained dark wood, dark gray such as Ben Moore Iron Mountain or is your trim white or cream? You could go with one of those colors also. Good luck!

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