Finding The Right Accessory At Home

May 22, 2016

This past week I was in the mood for a little decorating project! I decided to change up a guest room:


I know it is fine as it is, but I like moving stuff around and changing things up, don’t you? (I can see a few of you shaking your head yes!)

I have had an issue with this bed frame since we first bought it.  But it is as it is, so I will work around it for now. I would like to someday buy a new upholstered headboard. So many beautiful choices to choose from. But not high up on the priority list right now.

I shopped around my home to find items to use in the guest bedroom. I found some pretty window treatments in a closet:

new found wt

And for a different look on the bed, I took a soft white throw and laid it across the top:

bed texture

It gives the bed more interest and texture. So comfy looking- nap, anyone?? You can do this with pretty scarves and throws with color and texture for a fun,  colorful look. Don’t worry to much about matching with your bed linens because that is what makes it interesting in a small pop. Do you know what I mean?

Everything else in the room is basically staying the same. Another big change that is easy to do, is to replace the accessory behind the bed. I looked around the house and found this mirror:

mirror clock

I really liked the shape and the mirrored clock working with the bed, but it was just too small. I also tried this piece:


I loved this look. The color and shape are perfect. But again, too small.  Time to bring in the big guns:

big gun mirror

The size is definitely large enough. I thought about painting it with an Annie Sloan chalk paint color I have,  Aubusson Blue :

ascp aub

I even texted my sister for a second opinion. She agreed the color is best left alone, not painted.


guest room redo

What do you think? Too bad it is not a professional picture like the first photo in the post. But I really like the change. Not too much work, fun and free is always best! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your art and accessory items and see how they look elsewhere in your home. You might have that perfect mirror for your bedroom hidden away in your dining room. Shop your space first!

Ready for guests! Have a great week everyone.


  1. Kelly – you asked for opinions right? Well, I don’t think the trunk fits well. It looks crowded (at least from the photo angle) & the bright white & brass handles just don’t seem fitting either. I would move the two small pictures on night stands over bed. The color of the wall looks purple while the bedspread looks to have a more blue tone. My two cents.

  2. Looks like a much lighter brighter look for summer. 🙂

    And since you asked “What do you think?” the main thing I’d change would be removing the blue quilt at the end of the bed. To me, those pretty flowered pillows and drapes look great on their own and play nicely with the fabric on the bench….and hopefully for summer the quilt won’t be needed for warmth 😉

    It’s always so fun to shop at home. Totally agree this is THE to shop for a ‘no cost’ update. 😀 Thanks for showing us examples for that, Kelly.

  3. I actually LOVE the top (original), room more. The white billowy curtains are so pretty for summer – nothing says summer to me than curtains blowing in the breeze. The printed curtains look heavy and may look better in colder weather. Maybe it’s the photography but top pic looks so “decorator” styled.
    Good inspirational info for us to use; shop in our home.

  4. I agree with Lora. I thought the original room was very pretty. Sometimes you hit it right the first time.

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