Finding The Focal Point In Your Home Office

March 3, 2016

When you walk into a room, the first thing that catches your eye is usually considered your focal point. The wow of the room. When you are decorating an office, how can you arrange a focal point to make the room a home run in design?

Benjamin Moore -Deep Royal- Office -- Studio McGee


An easy trick I’ve learned is  to stand in the doorway of the room and pretend it is a bedroom. Now where would you put the bed to make it your focal point? That is where you should be starting your room design. That wall is where you will look when you walk in, so that is where you make your prettiest wall!

emily office


All offices start with a desk or writing surface. So take your desk to be used on this feature wall and ask yourself a couple questions. Is there a window? Do you want to face the window? Or look out into the room?



window desk


In most professional photos the desk is facing into the room, but I think it looks nice either way. Center your desk on the focal wall. Stand back and see what you need to finish the wall. If you do have a window, I would definitely dress it up using  panels to bring softness into the room:

navy office


An area rug is also a good way to bring fabric and color into the room.

If there is not a window, try a large piece of art or a large mirror:

office mirror


Use your imagination- wouldn’t that wall make a great gallery wall for your office with all of your favorites photos and artwork?

office gallery


office wallpaper


Or bookshelves are gorgeous too!:

office shelves


bookshelf office


So if you are looking to freshen up your office, try using the feature wall behind your desk to make a statement. Another room you can walk into with a huge smile!


  1. Great tips and ideas, Kelly! Those are some of the prettiest home offices I’ve seen. Gosh, I need to clean up mine!!!!

  2. Loving those designs! I am so drawn to those dark blue walls and bright white trim. Perhaps its time for another room makeover?!

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