Favorite Color Combo: Red Brick & Gray

February 16, 2019

Hey everyone! Over the years working with brick exteriors, I have found my favorite color combination with red brick is dark gray:

red brick and gray2


red and gray


Don’t you agree the gray together with the brick looks beautiful?

red brick front


Grays are tricky because of their undertones. The undertones of a color really stand out in the sunlight. The lighter grays have blue undertones, such as Boothbay Gray HC-165 and Stonington Gray HC-170. Here is a example photo:

red brick and blue gray


I think it looks nice, but the red brick and blue is not THE best color combo.  Another gray undertone is green such as Ben Moore Nantucket Gray HC-111. Photo example:

red brick and green gray


A very pretty paint color, but again not my favorite with the red brick.

There are also taupe undertones of gray such s Ben Moore Ashley Gray HC-87. Similar color photo example:

brick and gray beige


And then we have the charcoal grays- such as Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166. It looks darker on the little color strip, but lightens up when the whole house is painted, especially in the sunlight.

kendall charcoal and brick


This darker version of charcoal gray is my favorite combo with the red brick.

Red brick, dark gray and white:

Dark gray roof and brick



For interior red brick, I think a medium to dark gray look best with the  brick:

red brick and gray


I love this room above. Look how nice the gray carpet works with the brick and then the layering of the room with different shades of gray for the walls and bedding.

Isn’t this kitchen beyond beautiful?:

brick kitchen


I love the wood island with the brick. And the stained doors! The dark gray cabinet color works perfectly with the brick. Look at that backsplash. Amazing. Kind of makes me want brick in my kitchen. haha

red brick interior and gray


brick and gray interior


If you want to be a little bolder, look how stunning this brick fireplace is with black walls!:

brick and black


red brcik and dark gray


So if you are looking for the best color to work with your red brick, interior or exterior, take a look at the darker grays. I think you will agree it is a perfect color combination.

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

Kelly xo


  1. I totally agree Kelly. Great post! I didn’t like red brick until now. The look is surprisingly beautiful, sophisticated, classic yet fresh. The look will need the white or stone trim for balance.

  2. Living in North Dallas now, most homes are brick. I’ve seen some really weird combinations, especially the front doors and mixing stone & brick (ugh). I love these charcoal grays!

  3. Kelly, I’m probably not following, but are you saying that with old red brick (house trim and walkway/front porch mixed with aggregate), it’s better to go with a dark gray with a blue or green undertone? I’ve chosen SW Yarrow as my front door color. I’m having a really hard time selecting a gray for the house. I was leaning towards BM Kendall Charcoal but it just seems so dark. I have a single story, 1950’s California ranch style home with only one 7’x3′ window and a high small shower window in front. Not much trim to pop the gray. Wondering if BM Amherst Gray would be a better choice with the Yarrow. Thank you for clarifying!

  4. Kelly, I agree about red brick and darker grays. Question–our house has medium stained trim, no white. Lots of board and batten siding to paint, as well as brick on the front of the house. Do you think it will still look good without white to contrast it? Dark gray roof, looking at either Chelsea Gray or Storm, BM paints. Thank you so much-a rather big investment in paint here.

    • Hi Carol,

      Hard for me to visualize without photos. I have an online color consulting business that will help you select the best colors. If you would like to work together, send me an email and I will get back to you with the details. Thanks!

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