Excessive Architectural Details

April 13, 2015

Sometimes a good thing can be overdone. That’s what I found when I visited a model home this past week in Sarasota, FL. The designer had used quite a bit of molding to stage the home: model dining room In my opinion, it is a little too much in the room above. Maybe if the high wall treatment and the trey ceiling were not both done so ornate. Do you agree? Or do you like how the room looks with all of the molding? Interesting to hear your thoughts. I love the color choices.  (I do think they should have put a little more budget into the window treatments as they are quite thin now. I would suggest much fuller panels to help soften up the room.) What do you think of this decorative fence in the bedroom?: fence I think it is creative, but is it an accident waiting to happen? Especially in a boy’s room. I can just see my son Kyle when he was young. He would try to pull them off the wall and probably poke his eye! I do think this molding width and height is a bit too big and bulky for this room: blue bedroom I do love architectural molding! I am just pointing out what is not working in these examples. As I am going through the pictures I took at the model home, I am having a hard time not critiquing for you. This was not how the blog started. I am showing you examples of molding not done correctly and not pleasing in the room. What do you think of the molding in this bedroom?: sarasota master I do like the color combination. One of my most popular posts ever was Creating Architectural Details. It is about a reader who shared her spectacular and original architectural design with us using molding: Kathleen Now this is molding done right. Just beautiful! She did a  great job making the room unique. This is a good example of good architectural design. In that post I displayed many photos of rooms where the molding was done right. One more photo of molding I do not find appealing: mirrored molding I think the wall would have been much prettier left alone without the molding. And if you where wondering if these photos are all from the same house, yes they are. Too much or just right? These comments are all my opinion. They may not be shared by all. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Kelly

    I agree with each one of your opinions. It is interesting to stand back and look at each finished project. Whilte I believe each one had the best design choices in mind, not all were a success. The fence is creative but for a child’s room spells disaster. The molding on the wall is my favourite. The one addition of gray in the middle of the wall I would have just left out – my opinion.

    Great post!

  2. I do love the colors and I agree the curtains are too sparse. I think the main problem with the mouldings are the proportions. Most of the boards are too thick creating a bulky look. Also, the sizing of the squares are not proportional to the space they are in. The bedroom has little squares on the walls and heavy large squares on the ceiling making it feel like the ceiling is falling down. A good rule for mouldings is to always follow the golden ratio.

  3. I agree with you 100%!!!! Simple is better with moldings. This was overkill, and in turn, it made everything look cheap and tacky.

  4. Oh, dear! You are so right! The dining room would have been awesome with JUST the molding below the chair rail and a simple ceiling. The molding in the girl’s room doesn’t work with the bed, which is the focal point of the room. And the master bedroom could have been lovely if all the wall molding had been done white like your client’s room. The mirrored diamond pattern in the last photo is diy run amuck!

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