Double Curtains

October 23, 2016

Hey everyone! I am working with a homeowner that has a sliding glass back door off of their den and was looking for ideas for window treatments. They do not use the door often, (outdoor furniture set up on other side of door). The room is used basically for TV and movies.  I suggested looking at double curtains:

blue triple


double bedroom

I think they are very pretty! Attractive window treatments can actually be the focal point of the room:

bed double



At first I thought they might be an outdated look, but when I searched online, I found so many beautiful examples of the double, (and triple!) curtains. They certainly do not look out of style:

triple window

They give depth and interest to the window. Although, if it was a busy doorway, with people coming in and out all the time,  I would not use this type of window treatment. Nor would I ever suggest in a room that has a lot of sunlight or great views because much of the window is covered.

They are not difficult to hang with the correct hardware:



They can be left open during the day:

double open




double windows




double door

I think they add so much interest to the room! I really love this option for window treatments. Why is it whenever I write about these ideas I want to find a place for them in my home?! 🙂  What are your thoughts on the look of double and triple hung curtains?


photo one, photo two, photo three, photo four, photo five, photo six, photo seven, photo eight, photo nine, photo ten, photo eleven


  1. The photos chosen to explain your ideas do justice to your idea of using double curtains! I look forward to seeing the final results.

  2. This look needs a designer like yourself Kelly. For me, it’s a bit overwhelming to select the drapes and find a complementary drape and even hang the double rod. It was the trend that cut us [homeowners] back to minimizing that got me away from wanting too much. Even when purchasing a home now or days, window treatments rarely come with it.

  3. These are lovely examples, Kelly. Don’t need this treatment for my large back windows which look out on the greenbelt. Here, the curtains are opened the minute I get up in the morning and stay open until it gets dark. Different at the front of the house which feels somewhat close to the street. Guest BR has curtains and sheers, both of which stay open all the time for kitty viewing but I have half-window bamboo curtains which pull across at night just cause I don’t like the after-dark exposure. In the DR which is my office, I have curtains which stay open all the time and sheers behind and across the windows which stay closed all the time for glare (windows face due east) and for a bit of privacy (I feel I could wave at anyone passing by and they could wave back). The sheers also serve the purpose of softening the distraction of the view in a “busy” room. Although some of your photos look obviously “designer done”, some look very casual, comfortable and very charming, so I hope Teena and other overwhelmed readers don’t despair. My DR/office windows are about 36″ wide, close together and slightly angled with one on an 8′ wall and one on a section of vaulted wall running into the vaulted ceiling wall. The windows were never designed for formal curtains – it’s a house in Sun City West, AZ – so my arrangement is curtains on a shower stall tension rod inside the window and sheers behind them on a narrower rod. Simple to do, solves the issues and I love the look.

  4. I love the idea! Not to mention hotels have been using double window treatment installations for many years…and for good reason. 🙂
    When hung with a double curtain rod, usually the lighter weight (sheer or semi-sheer) can filter harsh daylight if necessary still allowing light into the room and having a little privacy. Then the heavier weight drapes are closed at night for complete privacy.

    This idea of double and triple window treatments of course was very very popular in Victorian times because not only did it allow variances of light but also served to cover windows that weren’t as efficient as our modern day windows. And of course in that era, the more curtains you had, the more layers you had, meant you had money. Also Victorians in the earlier part of the long era, actually rather shunned the light….and they didn’t want their furnishings to get light bleached either. 😉

    Today layering is about ‘looks and style’ though often double layers are used for better insulation too.

    Yup…I’m a fan of double layering and have done it several times for clients.

  5. Hi Kelly!
    How high up do you put the curtain rod from the window? I am installing double curtain rods in my daughters room and I don’t know how high from the window they should be installed. Thanks! Also, is puddling the curtains in now? Can you puddle ruffled curtains and sheers or is it better to have them hemmed? Thanks for always being there to help!

    • Liz, I suggest putting the curtain rod in between the top of the window frame and the ceiling if it is a normal size window. To add height to the window, I put the rod closer to the ceiling. As far as puddling, because they get dirty so quickly when puddled on the floor, I suggest having them hemmed. Plus they will look more custom that way!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Glad I came up on your window design while searching for ” too much grey in a room ” – how to break the monotony?
    I have an open room with shades of grey in my home (wall, moulding and doors). I wanted something light for the walls and selected a metallic pewter crushed silk curtain with fleece lining.
    When I hung them in my keepers room with 2 Sets of Windows i.e. 1 window with 4 panels and an adjacent window with 2 panels it seemed too much.
    Also, my living room in the open space is immediately beside it and I wanted to add similar curtains positioned to the right of the same room.
    My thoughts – remove 2 panels from the window with 4 and place them in my living room and replace the panels with another color to break the monotony.
    I think a off-white or white sheer in the middle of the Window to make the 4 panels softer and more elegant . Your thoughts re fabric use and color ?

  7. Hi kelly …my living room colour is whit and also my showcase furniture is which colour of curtain will be suitable for it.

  8. Kelly, I’m having a problem finding a double curtain rod that would be about 108″ across that can accommodate heavier curtains. Can you give me a couple of options of where to look? I want a clean simple look, brown, round finials. Please help!

  9. I love the mix of drapes. I just did this in my living room and dining room. I have the solid color on the outside and the print on the inside. My question is, does it matter? I’ve seen both. Thanks

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