Does Grant Beige Work With Oak Cabinets?

March 28, 2016

I received an interesting reader question the other day:

Dear Kelly,

How would Grant Beige be on my kitchen walls with honey oak cabinets? I am looking for a neutral color that will downplay the cabinets but go with my granite that has neutrals,grays,light tan (slab is called Ornamental Gold)

Here is a photo representation:



I was actually curious  to see how the Grant Beige would look together with the oak cabinets so I pulled out my large color sample:

oak grant beige

oak grant

The sample looks very gray on my computer, but Grant Beige does have the right undertone, (green) to work with the yellow/orange of oak.  And, I have always encouraged using a medium to dark wall color with oak- Grant Beige is a beautiful, medium paint color.

oak and grant beige

Here is a photo I took at night:

grant beige an oak

The color looks more like a true Grant Beige.

Here are a couple examples I found with oak flooring and Grant Beige together:

grant beige and oak


The room above looks great!

grant and oak


I looked at the sample for a few days in different lighting and I do think Ben Moore’s Grant Beige works beautifully with the oak. I love Grant Beige- one of my favorite neutrals.

So, my advice would be to get a sample of Grant Beige and try it in your kitchen. As you can see in the examples above, you can not choose a paint color just by looking at the computer screen.  Actually bring the paint home to see how it works with your cabinets and counters. It is nice to find another good color besides green to work with oak cabinets. What do you think readers? Yay or Nay?


  1. We just painted our kitchen Grant beige, and we have honey cypress cabinets and will be installing Giallo Napoli granite soon…I absolutely love the wall color with our cabinets! It tones down the orangey-honey color of the cypress and will look great with the granite we’ve chosen. So glad I saw this post about my new favorite “greige”!!!

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