Did You Know? Informative and Useful Decorating Facts

January 19, 2019

I have gathered a few more helpful decorating tips that you may or may not have heard before. Some are just reminder guidelines, but are still working well and worth looking at again.

Did you know how well green goes with natural and stained wood? One great example is Ben Moore’s Carolina Gull 2138-40:

carolina gull 2138-40a


So pretty. The trim is BM Misted Green 2138-50 and the ceiling is painted with Gray Lake 2138-70.  Green is still my favorite color working with natural/stained woodwork because green works so well with the yellow/orange oak undertones.

Did you you know odd-number groupings are more interesting than evens? Display frames or objects in threes or fives for an eye-pleasing arrangement.

Uniform Style


That is a good decorating rule to be reminded of! Look around your home- are you decorating in odd numbers?

Did you know that mismatched drinking glasses make great vases?  Group glasses together for a creative centerpiece:

simple glasses


I love the simplicity. Pretty and very easy to put together!

Another easy winter centerpiece idea is to use your leftover greenery from Christmas, or from your yard, and simply arrange in vases:



Or use apothecary jars for a beautiful look:



Did you know that by adding a simple panel of fabric over a boring headboard, (either metal or wood,) you can bring in color and reinvent your worn, outdated headboard?:

headboard update


What a great idea. Don’t you love this photo? Look how they tied together the blue butterfly with quilt. Good design work.

Did you know hanging  a round mirror above a fireplace works well visually?  The round shape helps to break up the straight lines of the mantle,and fireplace.

round mirror


Another mirror guideline is that the perfect amount of space between a mirror and top of mantel is 3-6 inches.  One more helpful rule is that the width of the mirror (the reflective part only) should be roughly the same as the width of the fireplace opening:

mirror over mantle


Did you remember the trick to keeping everything tucked in tight when working with furniture slipcovers?

slipcover trick


Take a large leftover piece of fabric, or you can use a towel, roll it up and stick it down into the cracks of the back and sides to keep slipcover tight and in place. You can read more about this trick here.

Did you know that when using an area rug in the dining room, which is a great way to bring in color and softness in the room, the rule of thumb is that all four legs of the dining chair should be sitting on rug, even when pulled away from table. Your area rug should  be extended at least 36″ from the edge of your table to the edge of the rug:

dining room area rug


I hope these decorating ideas and tips can help you in making your room feel as pulled together and beautiful as possible. But remember, rules are meant to be broken! Use your creativity to make the space all your own.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xo


  1. Kelly, Enjoyed your blog. Great decorating tips all around..

    I have used Misted Green in bedroom and bathroom projects…It is so soothing and restful. Pairs beautifully with white and wood tones.

    Thank you for the post!

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