Did You Know? Informative and Useful Decorating Facts

March 9, 2019

Here are a few decorating ideas and inspiration I have found along the way and thought you would enjoy!

Did you know you can buy art online now at very affordable prices? I found a website Redbubble with beautiful art at great prices:

watercolor art


If you are looking to change up the look of a room or just to update for the season, new art is a great way to begin your color palette. Using the artwork above as an example, you can bring in so much color with a blue and white area rug and bright happy pillows and throws in raspberry, plum and gold.

I also found on their site A-line dresses which I love for summer:



So pretty and nothing is easier in the summer getting dressed. Only $46.00 for a complete outfit. Pretty good!

Did you know the best grout color to use with white tile is a light gray?



grout color

The reason is because although white grout would match perfect, white will dirty quickly and will also show discoloration over time. On the other hand, a darker gray grout with white tile will be standing out too much against the white and make your tile look like a checkboard. I think the darker gray has too much contrast with the white, but other’s may like this look. In my opinion. the best grout color to blend in with white tile is a light gray penetrating grout with a sealer.

Did you know a favorite new paint color of mine is Ben Moore’s Sea Haze 2137-50?

A shade darker than Gray Owl 2137-60 , this is a beautiful, muted, soft, neutral gray green:

sea haze


This color is described as being beautifully complex as polished sea glass. Sea haze is a mid-toned neutral with a LRV of 45.8, ( which is almost 50- midway between lightest and darkest shade, smack in the middle):

ben moore sea haze


I think I like it also because it is different. A beautiful color palette for the home would be Gray Owl 2137-60 in one room or hallway adjoining a room painted in Sea Haze:

sea haze bedroom


Doesn’t blue and green look gorgeous together?  Next blog topic coming soon. 🙂

Did you know you can easily make stock kitchen/bathroom cabinets look like custom furniture with the simple addition of furniture feet or furniture legs?

cabinet legs


A lovely and simple way to elevate your plain cabinets into a custom look that will elevate your cabinets up a notch.



You can read a great tutorial that shows how to install bun feet/legs here. Suppliers such as vandykes.com have many different selections and sizes for all many pieces of furniture.

Did you know the ‘hottest’ new accessories this Spring is earthenware pottery?

ethan allen


I have been seeing them everywhere. These vases are another great  way to bring in texture  and interest to your space.



Did you know I am always searching for pretty ideas to fill my apothecary jars?:



Do you see on the bottom of the jar my cut up paint fan decks? Another idea to fill jars.






My favorite:



I hope you have picked up an idea or two for your next home project. Here are two of my favorite design quotes:





So true! Have a great weekend everyone. Spring ahead- yay!

Kelly xo


  1. Thanks for the ideas. You mentioned penetrating grout with sealer. I recently tiled my bathroom with while tiles and light gray grout. Then I had to seal it. Wouldn’t it be great to find a grout that does both? Do you know where I can get this? What brand would it be?
    Also love the idea about legs on the kitchen cupboards. It sure does look custom.
    Regarding paint, I painted my entire basement in BM Grey Owl. I love it. I’m going to look up Sea Haze…I have a spare room in the basement where it may look just right.
    Have you heard of BM Sea Salt? Just wondering…I just came across it. What do you think of it? Have you used it?
    Thanks for your helpful post.

    • Hi Bert,
      I would check with hardware store to see if now there is a product together. Everything changes everyday! Sea Salt is Sea Salt CSP-95. A medium brownish gray. Thanks for writing!

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