Details in Decorating: Rustic Wooden Stools

October 2, 2018

These little stools add such a nice touch to any room:

stool bath2

I like to style them a bit, but always keep room available for a cup or glass:

stool living room


Don’t they look great? Perfect for for any stylish setting.  I love using small stools as bed side tables in the bedroom:

stool sidetable


stool bedroom


Stools look beautiful in the bathroom and are great for holding items:



wooden stool


They look as nice with accessories:

stool vignette


As without any embellishment:

stool alone


stool in bedroom


So versatile for any room in the house.  I even used them to brighten up the little area at the bottom of the stairs:

stool on stairs

stool bed


Simple and gorgeous! You can find rustic wooden stools at yard sales, auctions and I even found  wooden stools for sale at Etsy:

stool for sale


I am fortunate to own a few I have picked up over the years and always use them in some way to decorate. They add that extra detail of interest. I just love to set up vignettes where ever I can as you know! Do you decorate with any types of stools? There are many, many different styles for everyone.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Kelly, congrats on your new home! As a recent Farmhouse owner, I love these wooden stool design elements you posted.
    I should look in the barn for some left behind milk schools! LoL

  2. Great accessory – decorative and functional. Not too big and easy to move around. I shall now be on the lookout for one of these even if I find a faux stool until I come across the real deal. Thanks.

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