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March 28, 2012

pb pillow

Pottery Barn

Lately, when decorating a bedroom for some of my clients, I have shown them how a simple body pillow can become an impressive decoration to their bed:

It is not an original idea, but I do not see them used very often:

Look how this pillow below made the whole bed into a statement piece:

One reason I love these pillows is because it gives many different options for finishing the bed:




The actual pillows are easy to find online and at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart for only about $10.00 each. It is the body pillow case that is hard to find anywhere. I understand that these pillows are supposed to be used to cuddle and sleep with, but I just want to decorate with them!

Since I could not find any attractive covers to purchase, I bought an (ugly) cover and copied it with some spare fabric I had:


Very easy to sew up the sides and end with a zipper or even ties to close:


These pillow cases above from Pottery Barn have since been discontinued. Since my clients seem to love them so much, I have asked my seamstress to make me a few that I will offer for sale. She can make the nice edging and buttons and other decorative touches that I just can not do. More on that later. Here are just a couple prints we are thinking of using:




Don’t you think they really dress up and finish the bed?  A  very creative statement for the bedroom!

I have also seen these long body pillows on sofas:

But I do not like the look as well on a sofa- I think they are too large and awkward to arrange on a sofa or a chair.

Do you use these body pillows for decoration? Don’t you think it is a great idea to use for layering?

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