Creating A Cozy Corner

September 27, 2015

Have you found yourself in a nesting mood lately? I have been spending more time indoors and seem to be trying to get things in order before the cold weather comes.

corner clock


One of my favorite projects is creating a cozy reading corner:


If you look around your home, I bet you have an empty corner you can make into your own private reading room:



The key items you need to make a reading space is a comfortable chair, a table,  a bench or ottoman, a blanket or throw, a light and a great book:

2015 corner




Any style chair will work as long as it is comfortable:

cozy corner


reading corner


cozy reading


Of course, these cozy corners are also great for napping!

cozy nap


reading corners


Do you have a cozy reading nook in your home? If you would like to look at more pictures of my favorite corners, you can visit my Pinterest board here.

If you wondered what the answer was on the last post here, it is the front door!


  1. Kelly, you’ll laugh but I dreamt about this last night after reading your blog yesterday! I wish I had the room that was in my dreams but I do have some cozy reading spots in my home already so am not complaining.
    Do you have a favorite place to sit and read? We all do in our family – I guess we are creatures of habit.
    Loved all your cozy settings.

  2. I’m loving that blue chair and a half with matching attoman, where can I buy those gorgeous furniture pieces…?

  3. Hi Kelly!
    I purchased the Nicki bedding collection from pottery Barn kids for my daughter’s room with the pink ruffled Evelyn curtains. We have tried 10 different paint colors on the wall and it is either to dark or too light. We want to go with a very soft ,neutral, light color beige for the walls. Her room is dark and we want it to be bright, pretty and airy. Her furniture is an off white as well. Do you have a soft light color neutral wall color suggestion that would go great with her cream, beige and pink bedding and light pink curtains?? Thank you so, so much!

      • Hi Kelly! The ballet white by BM is the perfect color for my daughter’s room. I can’t thank you enough! It is so hard picking out paint colors. I had another quick question. Does the bedroom hardwood floor color need to match the rest of the house? Our floors are old and have a yellowish color to them. I just installed the same oak flooring in my daughters room but I didn’t want to stain it to match the old wood. Can you give me your opinion on this. Thank you so very much for your wonderful advice.

        • As long as the wood is similar, that is fine, You do not need them to match exactly- that might look funny if you even tried. I think you are good to go Liz!
          PS Thank you for saying “Thank you.” No one ever does.:)

          • Thanks again for the excellent advice! I am going to email you personally after the holidays to see if you are available to help me decorate our new home. I don’t think I can do it without a professional! I’ll send you pictures of my daughters room when I am finished with it. I purchased alot of thinks from home goods. I like that eclectic look. Thanks again! Your a life savor!

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