Connie’s Mantel Transformation

February 1, 2014

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Amazingly, Connie finished her mantel makeover within days! She read all of our suggestions and comments here and got right to work. This is the note she wrote:

Dear Kelly,

I finally did it! The fireplace is painted. Cannot image why I waited so long…although I suspect it falls into the “laziness-getting-my-own-projects-done” category.

It was an easy fun project. Took a little time, but it was worth it. Cleaned with a Magic Eraser (the magic is TSP, ya know), glued on a wooden applique from Hobby Lobby, then painted with a paint + primer. Allowed to dry, then very lightly hand-distressed. Voilà! A fireplace that fits the room.

Thanks for all your readers’ comments. Sometimes it takes a little nudge for us all, every now and then to ‘get to it’…even though I honestly knew I should have painted this two years ago when we acquired it.

Regards, Connie

Here again is Connie’s Before:


And her beautiful After:

LR in French styling 2014 029-001

Just gorgeous! And did you notice the detail she added:

LR in French styling 2014 048-001


I love the little details that make a piece stand out individually, don’t you? I am glad she distressed the finish also, looks soft and unique. I was truly astonished that she finished it so quickly. I think she already knew she wanted to paint, she was just looking for a little confirmation that was the way to go. We all run into those situations when it is our own home, always second guessing ourselves.




LR in French styling 2014 027-001

Thank you Connie, for sending in a real dilemma for us to solve and/or make suggestions for! You did a wonderful job. Another project down.

Do you all agree that the mantel looks gorgeous and works in the room better? You can see even more photos of Connie’s mantel transformation here.

Anyone else need a little ‘nudge’?

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  1. Love the transformation and thanks for sharing! I also absolutely love the glass coffee table. Would you be able to share the details of where I could find one like it? Many thanks.

  2. Looks great Kelly! I love the curtains also! What type of rod are the curtains on? Is that just a small drapery rod or something else? Thanks!

  3. What a fantastic difference! It looks perfect now and the added detail looks like it was always there! Well done Connie and Kelly.
    I think your gut feeling is always right and we should trust it.

  4. Absolutely lovely and that bit of distressing really does make it look as though it’s always been there and/or is some great find. And that vibrant bunch of flowers in the vase on the mantel is the perfect finishing touch. Well done!

  5. Great job on transforming the mantel. Room looks great but if it were my house I would put an area rug under the coffee table, just looks like the room could use a little more pattern; it would “ground” the room.

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