Color Tip For White Ceilings

November 19, 2014

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Did you notice that sometimes white ceilings look gray? Especially in the corners?

dec white ceiling


If the ceilings were painted in a pure, clean white such as Benjamin Moore Decorators White, that could be the reason. I have learned to never use a pure white on the ceiling because the blue undertone will often appear gray and flat.

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Why? Because white has no where to go except to gray when the lighting is dim. And who shines a bright light onto the ceiling? That’s why ceilings can look so dingy even after they are freshly painted. Another clean white paint example is Benjamin Moore’s Pure White.

dec white 4


Just a color tip to consider next time you are choosing a white for your ceiling. Have you ever painted a clean white and thought it looked gray?


  1. Was there a ceiling in the room with the beautiful black grand piano? Hee hee!

    This is a great tip on paint color for the ceiling, Kelly.

    • Shirley, I usually suggest the ceiling be painted the same color as the walls in a small room. In a normal size room, I suggest using the wall color divided by 1/2 white. Or I will use a darker color instead to add interest to the room.

    • Yes Beth! I did not go into all the paint solutions in my blog, but an undertone of yellow is great for the ceilings! BUT… does it work with the color on your walls? If you have warm colors on the wall, a yellow based white is best for the ceiling. So many scenario’s to work with.

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