Color Swap, Part Two

January 25, 2015

This post is for those who loved the Color Swap post here, and asked if I could list more similar Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors. So that you have the colors listed all together, I have listed the color names from last week at the beginning of this post:

Ben Moore Revere Pewter and Collonade Gray SW 7641

Ben Moore Palladian Blue HC-144 and Rainwashed SW 6211

Ben Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 and Softer Tan SW 6141

Ben Moore White Dove OC-17 and Greek Villa SW 7551

Ben Moore Classic Gray OC-23 and SW Zurich White SW 7626

Ben Moore Raspberry Truffle 2080-10 and SW Poinsettia SW 6594

Ben Moore Wythe Blue HC-143 and Quietude SW 6212

Ben Moore Bennington Gray HC-82 and Khaki Shade SW 7533

Ben Moore Grant Beige HC-83 and Naturel SW 7542

Ben Moore Gray Cashmere 2138-60 and Sea Salt SW 6204

Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray and Modern Gray SW 7632

Ben Moore Pale Oak OC-20 and Egret White SW 7570

Ben Moore Baby Fawn OC-15 and Modern Gray SW 7632

Ben Moore Hazy Skies OC-48 and Useful Gray SW 7050

Ben Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 and Rainstorm SW 6230

Ben Moore Sail Cloth Ext RM and Divine White SW 6105

Ben Moore Finnie Gray CW-55 and Prairie Grass SW 7546

Ben Moore Cole Stone CW-60 and Bunglehouse Gray SW 2845

No pretty pictures this week! This is my first post without one picture. I thought it would be easier for you to print the list if you desired. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. This is great Kelly! Although I love Benjamin Moore, sometimes I branch out into other brands as needs arise. This definitely helps-now I need to compare those to the little paint pots from Behr. I use those all the time for painting projects and would love to be able to match wall colors to them!

  2. Thank you Kelly! I love your paint posts. Now I just need the courage to commit to some colors and get rolling!

    • Just start small Sharon. Paint a large poster board with two coats of paint you love and live with it a few days. Move it all around the room, night and day. You will know if you like it or not! Do one wall and move up to all four! 🙂

  3. A question Kelly … is it better to do a color swap and stay true to the brand or just ask for a color match at the paint store? Or does it really matter? I’ve heard that color matching doesn’t always give you the true original color, but other people seem to do it all the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again for sharing you expertise!

    • Good question Sharon. I would stay true to the brand because that is the color you selected. The color matching does not give you the true original color. They are not that similar to be the same color. This list is more for fun and play on how alike the paint colors are from one company to another. Just like the photos you see online, they are not going to look exactly the same in your home. But if you like one paint company over another, the comparisons give you a good place to start. Hope this helps Sharon!

  4. HI Kelly I recently started following your blog and it is great! This is a great post as I am a big fan of BM but SW is also popular with clients. Thanks so much for this very useful color swap!

  5. Thank you for this useful information. Would you by chance know the SW equivalent of BM’s Thunder? I have both paint decks but it’s really hard to tell that way. Thank you!

  6. Hello,
    I’m painting my whole house (interior) one color with white dove trim. May I ask the difference between sail cloth and baby fawn and which color you prefer?!

  7. My trim is Bleeker beige and I am having difficulty choosing a wall color in my double story great room with Windows facing the north and east. my kitchen cabinets are medium maple brown and my wood floor is kind of an orange oak. My appliance are stainless and I have chosen a quartzite that is creamy white greens and greys. My tile guy likes a glossy olive for my backslash which looks great w the wood and trim, but my furniture is a shades of taupe/ Greys. Help! I considered Manchester tan for the walls but think I need something richer .

    • Hi Kim, Try Gentle Cream OC-96. Another idea is to take the Bleeker Beige and have store mix with white by 50%. Be sure to sample first whichever color you decide. Let me know how you make out!

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