Color Inspiration: Navy Blue and Turquoise

September 19, 2012



I know, I know…. I have been crazy for navy lately! Such a classic, neutral color that plays so well with so many other colors:



I will be honest that when I first saw a picture of navy and turquoise together, I was not overly excited:



But then I looked a little more and found these oh-so-beautiful rooms:







Gray, turquoise and navy blue:



I realized why I do not like the navy and turquoise picture above I mentioned. I think the darker shades of turquoise with the navy work better rather than the lighter shades of turquoise:



I am not loving the light turquoise walls with the navy. I like the medium to darker shades of turquoise with the navy blue. What do you think?



I love this outfit with navy and turquoise!:



And we know Nature can not be wrong:



I do like the navy blue and turquoise together. I think it is not as striking as navy blue and the coral combination here, but still a color combination to consider!

Which color with navy blue do you love more, coral or turquoise?

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  1. Much like you, it’s taken me a bit to warm up to the turquoise/navy combo. I actually prefer the lighter blues with navy better than the darker greeny turquoise with it. The navy + coral is really striking. I’ve done several rooms lately in navy/yellow/gray, which I’m totally loving! Navy rocks as a neutral 🙂

  2. Well, I’m a turquoise girl through and through. It makes me feel good, and is always smiling even when I’m not 🙂 Love the suzani pillows in the gray chairs, and the last photo just made my heart skip a beat! Mother Nature was on a roll!!!

  3. I’m with you. The darker navy seem to work better with turquoise.

    I don’t really like the coral and blue combo. Which is odd because I actually look pretty good wearing coral, as long as it tends to go more peachy 😉

    I’m not a fan of blue in general. But navy is a classic! Military uniforms have been using shades of it forever.

  4. I LOVE this combination. I have been going back and forth for a year about what to do with our master bedroom and finally just found a blanket for the bed that has made me commit. It’s navy, turquoise and green. Love it and I adore your outfit combo.

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