Color Crush: Van Deusen Blue

September 1, 2018

Definitely one of my favorite blues. This grayish blue paint color is from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection and has been a preferred blue for many homeowners over the years.

I love seeing it used in a semi-gloss finish on cabinets:

Ben Moore Van Deusen


Benjamin-Moore-Van-Deusen-Blue.-BenjaminMooreVanDeusenBlue-Four-Chairs-Furniture.- (1)


This color is a very popular color choice for cabinets in both kitchen and baths: (Do you see the difference in the color with different lighting? That is why it is so important for you to sample paint colors in your home with your lighting.)



van deusen blue bath


The reason this color was called to my attention again recently  was from an online exterior color consultation. The client knew he wanted a dark blue with with white trim. My first color selection I offered him was between Hale Navy HC- 154 or Van Deusen Blue HC-156. The Van Deusen is a brighter, cleaner blue than the almost black Hale Navy:

van deusen blue


Both so beautiful! Van Deusen Blue gives more of a ‘pop’ than the more serious Hale Navy:

van blue


This color is also a winner for a front door color with gray, white or beige painted exteriors:

van deusen door


Or, look how nice it looks as an interior door color:

door- interior van deusen


For interiors, Van Deusen Blue is beautiful in any room with white trim:

ben moore van d




van deusen bedroom


bm van deusen


van deusen


AND Van Deusen Blue also looks beautiful with stained trim:

van deusen dining room


van deusen with stained trim


Powder rooms are fabulous painted with Van Deusen Blue:

van bathroom


There are countless ways to use this color for gorgeous results. Will Van Deusen Blue be a good choice for your next painting project?


  1. My living room was painted VAN DEUSEN blue a few years ago, and it’s as stunning today as it was when freshly painted. We used the softer BM Linen White as trim for windows , moldings and the fireplace and it’s just perfect for a softer ‘white’ look..

    • Hi Rob,

      I love the Van Deusen but I am not sure I would go with the Glacier White, which takes on green or sometimes even yellow undertones. I would chosse a cleaner white such as Simply White OC-117 or even White Dove for the perfect white. Good luck with your project!

  2. In the middle of a kitchen remodel doing a island thinking of painting it either hale navy but just discovered van Deusen thinking lower perimeter cabinets white dove have red oak flooring stained provincial white title backsplash with some upper wood shelving would love your thoughts on the two blues as well the best white for cabinets and a wall color

  3. I have my dining room painted Van Deusen blue and love it with the white trim and big windows! I am next looking to paint our adjoining living room a color to complement the blue in the dining. Is there a color you would recommend? I was leaning towards a gray-ish but there are so many choices! I am trying to slowing change up the beige that is all over our house…

    • Hi Caroline,
      I wish I could help but I need your home photos and questions to give you the best colors for your home. If you would like to work together, send me an email with a brief description and photos of your home. I have an online color consultation service and the price is $55.00 per color. Let me know! Thanks for writing.

  4. Completing a remodel of my 5 1/2 year old sons bedroom. I plan on using Van Deusen blue as an accent wall with Soft White on the ceiling & trim. Any recommendations for the primary wall color? I was looking at “light khaki” colors but I haven’t found a color I am in love with.

  5. Hi! I am loving this blue and plan on painting my lower cabinet/island Van Deusen blue. I want to paint my upper cabinets white, do you have a suggestion what shade of white would be best? The rest of the house is soft neutrals, and would semi gloss be the best for cabinets? Thanks so much!

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