Color Crush- Dramatic Black

October 4, 2016

black wall

I have just been mesmerized with this above photo. The black wall is so striking and gorgeous! I have seen walls and rooms painted black for about a year now but it never interested me until lately. I gathered together a few stunning photos of black painted walls/rooms to see if you might also be inspired to use a moody black:


Instant drama to your space!

black hallway2

I love how this powder room came out so gorgeous in black:


The paint color is Ben Moore Twilight Zone 2127-10. I love the black and gold mix!

Beautiful entryway painted in Glidden’s Onyx Black:

black entry

Again- loving the black and gold together. So chic!

black dining

Black is not being kept in one room, I see it in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms.  dining rooms and offices:

black office

What do you think of a black living room?:


These black bedrooms are fabulous!!:


If you are looking for a great color to work with your stained trim:


behr beluga

Behr Beluga

Love, love, love!

When using black in your home for the walls, I would use an eggshell finish. Unless you really want drama like this in a semi-gloss:

black hallway

A hallway is a perfect place for high drama!

sw caviar

SW Caviar

sw urban bronze

SW Urbane Bronze

Did you notice what a great backdrop black is for art?

Do you love these dark rooms but nervous  going for such an intense color? First start with a simple accent wall painted black. It’s the most affordable and low-commitment ways to bring a splash of black into a room. I would pair it with plenty of white to keep it from feeling heavy and also bring in bits of other fun colors, such as bold raspberry or orange — the palette is both fun and modern but also grown-up and sophisticated. Accessorize as if the walls were painted white! Or if you want to start small, bring in black through accessories such as areas rugs or accent chairs.

Hope I have inspired you to consider using black in a room of your home. I told you the photos were stunning! What do you think?


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  1. This is a great post and the photos are amazing. I am a huge fan of black – makes me want to paint a room, or a least a wall!

  2. You will have to be bold if you want to use black. I just want to paint the back of my front door and my husband thinks I would ruin a perfectly good door.

  3. Black is always classic!
    You’re dead on… is the perfect backdrop for artwork and the creation of instant drama!
    Wonderful pictures!

  4. I always love the look when I see it in images, but can’t ever quite take the plunge. The dining room is gorgeous!

  5. I like it in small bathrooms & foyers, but can’t imagine it in my bedroom or living room. It is a beautiful backdrop for art, & I love black doors, however.

  6. Absolutely love the dining room photo. I could possibly take the plunge in a small windowless powder room…a room that has no pretense of ever being bright 😉 I could also see doing one wall black in an otherwise white room. The drama would be fantastic! A whole room, such as a bedroom or LR? No….I’m a creature of light and I’d positively die if the rooms I spend a lot of time in were black.

    All that being said, we just painted our front door, pergola and steps in a very very dark (nearly black) gray. When the door is open into the very pale gray LR, it creates a most wonderful contrast statement against the walls…especially with the black grand piano nearby.

    Yes…I’m very intrigued with these black photos….Thanks so much for the beautiful post Kelly! 🙂

  7. The rooms are all dramatic, but the ones that grab me are those with “gold”. That dining room is gorgeous because of those “golden” wood floors as well as that stunning chandelier and all the light reflection. The room in the pix below it with the full muticolored brown floors and the non-spectacular collection of pix on the wall appears flat and leaves me cold and bored. The powder room pic below that grabs me because of the gold in the frames. Some of the rooms with a lot of silver and/or a lot of bling are quite lovely to look at but I’m not inspired to copy. The black living room and the two big bedrooms following feel oppressive and claustrophobic. The Behr Beluga bedroom and the SW Urbane Bronze are a different story. Guess I’m just not comfortable and content with the cool side of the color spectrum. Great post and good study that I didn’t expect to have this morning. Thanks for the unexpected lesson.

  8. Love the drama of black. I have used it as a “neutral” for many years. I believe it started when we purchased a black baby grand piano and I haven’t looked back since!

    I am currently making plans to refresh the powder room with new paint, toilet, countertop and sink. Perversely, the soon-to-be-replaced toilet and sink are…! It was installed in the early ’90’s and I am tired of it and the Emerald Pearl granite counter. Seems dated.

    My plans are to replace fixtures with white and choose a light counter. Cabinet is a medium dark but not too red cherry. I am hoping to do an art gallery arrangement with all charcoal drawings, copper plate engravings, ink sketches, etc. in black frames with gold accents (all different) Gold faucet and a sophisticated (crystal?) light fixture. I have been thinking black walls were the way to go and was so happy to see today’s post. Now, I need to formulate my response to DH when he says “I thought you were tired of black??!!??

  9. Love these rooms! I have been smitten with black rooms on Pinterest since it has trended over the past ?? months/year. Finally took the plunge and painted one of my bathrooms black. I bought the paint weeks before and let it sit, nervous I made a mistake. My husband finally did the painting and it was a risk that paid off. I absolutely love it! It is a small room and half white tile with black tiles in it, so it isn’t full-on black, but it just looks so…right for the room…at least for right now (haha).

  10. I somehow missed this post. It’s so interesting to see black used with enthusiasm, especially after seeing so much white the last couple of years. And — the one with the dark wood! Dare I dream that I won’t have to paint my walnut-stained ‘judges’ paneling’ or my kitchen cabinets to be able to sell my house?

  11. I Love black furniture all my rooms have it and I accessories with other colors . And I always get compliments how did you do that it’s not dark or scary. Black to me is bold but beautifu.l I even created a black wall panel with a fake fireplace to give my white walls and dining room drama , when you have a open floor plan .He will be finished soon and ile show you pictures. Don’t be afraid of black it’s breathe taking in decor and doesn’t go out of style.

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