Christmas Decorating At The Condo

December 11, 2014

I just wanted to share my little condo decorating for Christmas this year:

christmas tree1b

Nothing special or fancy. This table was decorated around my pretty Christmas cactus that is blooming now (upper left of photo below):

Christmas 7

I just wrote a couple weeks ago how I do not do theme Christmas trees, but I found I picked up a lot of turquoise ornaments at the end of last years season sales, so I thought why not give it a try:

christmas tree

I love it! Here is a clever idea for a Christmas display:

Christmas vase2

Take a tall vase, fill with silver tinsel and balls and mix in some colored balls:

Christmas Vase

Super easy and original!

Christmas vase3

christmas vase4

How are you doing with your Christmas decorating? Do you go all out every year? Or do you find yourself taking out less decorations each year? I am definitely in the lesser group. I still enjoy decorating but have toned it down a bit each year. How about you?


  1. Hi Kelly, as always, you give us wonderful ideas – and yes, I am minimizing my decor’ at Christmas each year – less 🙂 Since I live in a small, 1 bedroom condo (high ceilings and lots of long windows though), I’m always interested in tips for condos. I also love that view out the window where you have the cute tree sitting (very simple and minimalistic). Is there a name for this lake, because it looks like a beautiful setting. More photos please of the view. Merry Christmas to you and an old-fashioned Happy New Year! Angie in Greensboro, NC 12/12/2014

  2. I can’t tell you how much your blog inspires me. I subconsciously chose blue and green for my Christmas tree this year and wondered why until now. I’m usually a burnt orange, gold and red decorator. I have the same cactus but there’s no chance of it blooming this year because I’ve under watered it.

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