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Simple and Gorgeous Spring Centerpieces

March 22, 2016

my table

Isn’t it so nice we are decorating for Spring again? Time goes by so fast! Unbelievable.  I decided to make a Spring centerpiece today and it just makes me happy to see:

my table2

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Time To Relax

December 20, 2015

Wow! Can you believe it is the first day of Winter tomorrow with Christmas just a few days away? How are you doing with your Holiday preparations?



My son Kyle has flown home for Christmas! I am so happy we will all be together. Most of my work is done and it is time to relax and enjoy. So sit back and relax with me a few minutes to look at some beautiful Christmas images I have come across this Holiday Season:

table setting








christmas entry










christmas cow










red balls


So simple and beautiful:







Aren’t they all beautiful? Thanks for visiting with me, I hope you have enjoyed. Much love and gratitude to you all! Happy almost Christmas Day everyone!!

Making A Christmas Boxwood Tree

November 26, 2015

I have been wanting to try making a Christmas boxwood tree for years. I am so glad I pushed myself this year because they are not difficult to put together and I am going to show you just how easy it is! boxwood tree 1013 (2) Items you will need:

A container to hold tree.

Floral Tape.

Wet Foam block.

Small decorations.

Floral Picks to insert decorations.

Boxwood branches.

You can make any size tree you wish. I suggest starting with a small to medium tree to learn. The best container I found to use is a small/medium size shallow dish:


Be sure the foam oasis you buy is a wet foam block:


To begin your project,soak your block in water until it fills with water and sinks itself, approximately 5 minutes:

wet oasis

Stand your foam up in your container and cut the top sides down into the shape of a tree:


Then secure with floral tape to keep from tipping over:

tree tape

Your first piece you choose is a pretty topper branch for the tree and stick into the top of oasis:


Then starting at the bottom, make a row all the way around sticking the branches so that they are coming straight out:


Try to keep the branches around the same size:

bottom row

You can pull out pieces or trim your tree anytime you want. A good tip is to remember that you are making a miniature tree. I just used my fingers to break off pieces of the branches if I thought they were too long or thick. Think mini!

branch size

After the bottom row is done, move up to the next level using a bit smaller branches. These will be inserted with a slight angle up:

boxwood tree row

Just like a real tree. Each row up the branches get a little smaller. Continue to place branches in oasis angling upward to the top of tree:

top of tree

Spin the tree around while you are working to make sure it is keeping even all the way around. And the finished tree!:

finished tree

Then it is time to decorate! You are only limited by your imagination on what you can use for ornaments. I always like a simple look so I did not add much to my tree:

boxwood tree decorated

Isn’t it beautiful? I love it. So pretty and easy! Now I can’t stop:

first boxwood tree

boxwood blue (2)

boxwood star (2) boxwood (3) boxwood2 (3) A BIG thank you to my friend Nina for helping me with my first tree! She said that I could do it and I am telling you that you can do it too! Really fun project especially since I love boxwood. Be sure to water the oasis and your tree should stay healthy until mid January.  Give it a try- you will also be hooked!

Plan It Out

November 14, 2015

I don’t want to talk about the Holiday Season too early, but…..

Looking ahead, wouldn’t it be fun to create something fabulous that makes you smile every time you walk in the room?



If you want to create a pretty and special Christmas tree or tabletop setting, a decorated mantel, bookshelf, etc. this Season, it is necessary to plan it out:

wrapped gifts


Those beautiful table settings you see in blogs and magazines? Definitely written down and planned out to the last napkin. Same with those gorgeous, original Christmas trees you see. All planned out.



And if I can figure out how to create something out of my normal craft boundaries- you can too! For instance, this year I decided to try something new and I am adding ribbon to my Christmas tree:

ribbon tree


I saved the project here on my Christmas Pinterest board. I printed out the directions and wrote a list of what I will need. Now that I started to plan, I will have time to purchase my ribbon and not be rushing around at the last minute when I put up my tree.

Another project I have always wanted to do is making a Christmas boxwood tree:



boxwood tree


I love them! Just so pretty and sweet.

Shiny_Brite Tree




I am going to try it! It will be fun however it turns out. Now I just have to plan it out…..

Have a great weekend everyone!

How to Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

November 2, 2015



Do you wish that you could set a pretty dining table, especially for the holidays? Well, you can! Like any other project, planning ahead is the key.

First empty the table for a clean, creative slate:


Next, decide if you want to use a tablecloth or placement. This is important because this is a great way to bring in color. For example these placemats will work in every Season:

Available from Amazon


Now, go through your place settings. Can you mix and match your pieces for an interesting look? I brought in crystal glass and china below:



Important step! Cloth napkins are the pretty accessory piece of the table! Napkins will make the table look dressed up and special using colorful napkins such as these:



Finally, I like to keep my centerpiece small so there is plenty of room for the food!:



Here are a few more posts on holiday tablescapes you might have missed:

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I told you that you could do it, too! You just have to plan ahead.

I would love if you would email me your Thanksgiving table photos to see! They would be great to share in next month’s newsletter.