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A New Approach

January 21, 2014


I really appreciated all of your comments on my recent post ’Agree or Disagree?’ Did you know when I first had the idea of showing properties with issues that could use a little advice, I was going to call it ‘What’s Up With That?’



I tried to make it more professional sounding, hence the name ‘Agree or Disagree?’ See how much time and thought I put into this? 🙂


A few readers commented with a great idea. What if a reader sent in a picture and asked for advice? For instance, Sally is getting ready to put her home on the market and would like someone else’s opinion on what she could do in her home to make it Open House Ready.



Or maybe someone would like suggestions for a new front door color.


I think this is an improved idea for teaching and advice. So, if you have a design or color question that you would love to hear suggestions and feedback to share on my blog, send me an email and we will see how it goes!

Thanks everyone!

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Agree Or Disagree?

October 22, 2013

short window treatment

I realize window treatments are tricky, but if you do not want your treatments to look out of date, do not let the curtain bottom dangle in the air like the photo above.

Or like this:

curtains  Ideal Home Magazine

Or this:


The reason I am mentioning this again is because a new client I am working with did not know this. She said that she sees them in other homes! I also still see them often in homes that are listed for sale.

It might be confusing to some especially when the shorter treatments are still available to purchase:

short window2

I think it is a disservice to homeowners to sell short window treatments!

And please do not be afraid of the fabric catching on fire. In all my years of decorating and all of my research, I have never heard of window panels catching on fire because it was on top of a heater vent.

My advice is if the window can not use full length panels, a shade might be the best solution.

Do you agree or disagree that window treatments should reach the floor or not hang at all?

Agree Or Disagree?

October 2, 2013

resale ready

A decorator friend brought my attention to this home above that has just been listed for sale. We both agreed the heavy curtains should come down, the carpet needs redone and the lighting needs updated before potential buyers will call for an appointment.

But what about the dark wood trim and partial walls?:

resale ready

I would suggest to leave the trim untouched. I would not paint it white in this situation. I think the dark wood has character and history. I would change the paint color to one that will work well with the wood. As I wrote about here, I love medium to dark tones with stained trim. Grays, blues, griege and greens would all look beautiful.

Do you agree or disagree about leaving the stained trim as is?

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Agree or Disagree?

September 11, 2013

This home was listed on the market today in my area:


Do you think this home is ready for an Open House? Remember, buyers will look at this picture of your home and make a quick first impression. Here are a few quick suggestions I would offer:

*   Take down all the shelving and everything on them.

*   Take down the window treatments.

*  Get rid of all the stuffed animals and the pillows (including the dog pillow).

*   It looks like the blue couch is not in the best shape, and my suggestion would be to remove it from the room.

*   I would also suggest to try a console table in that area, with a large mirror and lamp.

Do you Agree or Disagree?

Items To Stow Away For An Open House

February 12, 2013



When your home is on the market and you are getting ready for potential buyers through either an Open House or for scheduled appointments, it’s important to make your house look it’s absolute best. There are times when you may just have one good window of opportunity for prospective buyers to visit and want to buy your home. Think of updating your home for an Open House or appointment as an investment- and work that investment to the max.


There are a variety of items that you probably already know that are not a “welcome” sight to potential buyers. Most are common sense, but there are a few surprising items that you may not of thought of:

# 1-  Too many plants. Generally, one or two houseplants are fine, but no potential buyer wants to see a jungle of oversized, overgrown plants in a room.



# 2-  Pet Items- I love animals, I have a dog. But possible buyers do not want to see dog chew bones and fluffy beds in their potential living room. Please make the extra effort and put all pet items hidden away.

# 3-  Cold, empty fireplaces. Wouldn’t it look so inviting to stack some firewood and fill the fireplace, ready to light for a roaring fire? Help people visualize. It is a great selling feature- make it look grand!

# 4-  Outdated window treatments. They make such an impact in the room. A good rule of thumb for resale- if they are older than 3 years old, time for them to be taken down. You can read more about outdated window treatments here.

# 5-  Personal items, especially in the powder rooms, should be put away. I have seen used razors, dirty tissues and sad hair brushes. Buyers notice these things and can be turned off from the sale.

checkerboard black white tile shower bathroom Phoenix Arizona home house for sale photo


# 6- Another common sense fact: please put down the seat in the bathroom.

# 7- When visiting your home, potential buyers will look in every closet if they are truly interested in buying the house. Take a peek into your closet. Does it look stuffed and untidy? Buyers are looking for big open closet space.


# 8- Accessories and knickknacks. Remember you are trying to sell your house. Buyers get hung up on little visual objects. And this includes art.

creepy green ugly baby possessed spooky picture painting bedroom Phoenix Arizona home house

# 9-  Wall clutter. Your style might be different than the buyers. A wall gallery of your photos and artwork might not appeal to everyone.



# 10-  Smell. One of the first things noticed when you walk in. It is a big turn off for people. And do not burn candles right before buyers come because it is too obvious and looks like you are trying to cover something up. Instead, invest in a scented wall plug near the door.

As I have stated before, you have to remember your good taste might not be someone else’s good taste. Treat it as an asset that needs to be sold as an investment today. Can you think of other items that should be stowed when showing your home?

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Resale-Ready® Services

January 27, 2013



There is no secret or magic wand quick-fix to get your home ready to put on the market to sell. But there is a way I think  that makes the most sense if you hire an outside service to help you .

Lovely Vignette


This way is called Resale-Ready® which is a registered trademark of the IRN. How and why is Resale-Ready® different? The major difference is that the appointment is done in one day using your own furnishings. Which means no extra expense renting staging furniture for empty rooms:


Another significant distinction is that a Resale Ready consultation is done at the very beginning of the selling process when you decide to put your home on the market. Especially before all of your listing photos are taken! First impressions are so important!



Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are a few examples that suggest what I am referring to:

This home below is a photo of a home listed online for sale:

These photos are online representing the home to potential buyers!

Look at the photo below. No one is going to want to come and see your home when all they can see is the not so pretty bedding in the picture. I am not trying to be mean, just honest to help you sell your home.

I understand your taste may be different than mine, but it is my job as a professional to help you sell your home. It is nothing personal.

In the photo below, you are not doing any justice to a pretty corner of the room. My suggestions to help you make the room look it’s best, would be to take down the window treatments or whatever that is in the left window. The walls are a soft pretty color, so why would you hang dark and heavy artwork in the room? White or pastel colored frames would look so much better.  Please get rid of the stuffed animals and please fix up the bedding at bottom of the bed:

This is the goal of a Resale-Ready®professional. To use what you already have and make it better. It also will guarantee a quick Open House and best of all, get your home ready for the listing photos that the realtors will be using to represent your home.

As you know, you need an extra edge today when you are ready to sell your home. An IRN certified professional can help you get your home ready and sold!

Doesn’t that make sense?

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