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Pendant Lighting

July 13, 2019

Hey everyone! Mike and I have been busy moving forward with plans on our new home. We are now working on electrical and lighting. There are ALOT of lights we have to choose! We decided to start looking for lights for the kitchen first and  I thought over the island would be a good place to start.  Here are a few of my favorite pendant lights I found.



Shades of Light:

closed pendant


Or this:



love pendant


I have noticed more kitchens displaying two larger lights instead of the traditional  three:Read More

A Chandelier In Every Room

February 17, 2016

A reader recently ask if I think chandeliers are still popular and do I think a chandelier would look nice in a nursery:

nursery chandelier


Yes, yes I do! I just love a gorgeous crystal chandelier and what it adds to a room!:

nursery chande

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Updated Bath Photographs

July 26, 2015

new bath

I was disappointed in myself over the weekend for posting such awful photos of my new bath last week. I was in such a rush to get a blog out, I did not take the time to get better pictures.

In fact, the photos were so bad, I knew it wasn’t just my photo skills. The new sconce I had picked was not working in the space, so I quickly replaced it:

bath new

new bath4

Also, my reader friend Alice asked what was out the window because it looked like it was underwater! lol We can blame that on the bad photographer. Here is a better photo of outside the window:


It is my backyard in NH. We are on a hill and you can see the rock wall at the bottom of window. We use this window for bear spotting in the backyard!

new bath3

With the light fixture changed, I am now very happy with how it looks. These photos are definitely a better representative of the room which makes this a better blog post too. I am now smiling when I walk into the room and that is what it is all about, right?

Simple Lighting Tip

August 2, 2014

[pinterest]kelly bernier designs

One of the first questions I think of when purchasing a new lamp, is if it has a three way switch. I like being able to adjust the lighting from high to low depending on the mood and purpose at the time. So when I wanted to purchase new bedroom lamps recently and found out they did not have a three way switch, I found a little device for $16.99 that fixed the problem:



Genius! You just plug any lamp into the dimmer which plugs into the wall. Works by a little slider. Simple and easy!

I don’t know how long they have been around but now that I have found them, I will never have to worry about a three way switch again. Slide up bright for reading, slide way down for ambiance.

Has anyone used this type of dimmer before? Pretty smart idea don’t you think?

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