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Exterior Pinky/Orange Brick Color Consultation

June 6, 2020

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday. Hope all is going well with you. Such crazy times, hoping  and praying it all ends soon.

I thought I would share a recent online exterior color consultation that came out really nice:

Hi Kelly,

I will send you more photos with angles showing the siding, the front door area, and a pic of the brick with white paper beside it by mid-day today.  And, yes, we are keeping the brick as is to minimize the amount of painting. I am looking for color suggestions to cover – trim, siding, garage door and front door.

I’ve been struggling with this because my mom wants the siding to be grey (it’s her house & I’m helping her), but I just can’t see it.  I also don’t want to do a “beige” because I just don’t like “beige” (I think it tends to look dated), although I do like “tans”.  I’m open to doing something more vibrant on the siding to really make the house pop, but I definitely need a more neutral palette option too since that is what my mom is expecting.

And, just for context – there is a blue house right next door, and a dark grey house two doors down (so, don’t want to look like those). Other houses around are either just pink brick or off white.


dana before

And After:

Dana Front After

The existing brick was super bossy to work with! I knew right away we would have to work with a strong paint color to not be overwhelmed. We put together a couple concept boards to see how well the colors worked with the brick:

Dana option 1

Dana Option 1 concept

Dana After Paint


And the best is getting compliments like this from the client:

It’s the prettiest house on the block! You did a great job!!! Thank you!

You are so welcome! A challenge, but glad you and your mom are happy and it all worked out well.

Have a great week everyone!

Kelly xo



New Home Projects Completed

April 25, 2020

We are happy with the way our living room is progressing:

Living Room

Living room Flowers

These color are so me- pinks and blues.  I have always loved blue since I was little. Can you tell I love raspberry too? 🙂

The walls you see in the above photos are much closer to the actual paint color. My friend helped me lighten to be more accurate.

Here is a Before::old living room

Living Room new

living new

These cherry blossom branches from the yard were beautiful! I just wish they lasted longer. Barely a week and I had to throw them out.

cherry blossoms

We also painted a bedroom accent wall. The room is just so big that I am making various ‘vignettes’ around the room . Remember I was looking for colors?:

bedroom before

bedroom testing

I am glad I tested because I thought Ben Moore Scenic Drive 697 would be the right choice, but after I compared with the next color on up paint strip, Pleasant Valley, it was a bit too dark. So Pleasant Valley 696, the lighter one, was the one we selected.

new bedroom

I love the new paint color with the bedding and especially with the dark wood of the bed:Read More

Happy Easter Plus Before & After Online Paint Consultation

April 11, 2020

Happy Easter

Remember how I posted this whole home color palette from an online color project?:

Laura Rose New Color Palette!

Well the after photos are starting to come in!:Read More

Trending: Mustard Yellow Both In Fashion & Home Décor

March 7, 2020

Interesting color, isn’t it? Reminds me of a Fall color, but I have been seeing this color everywhere in clothing and home accessories!  A richer version of yellow, mustard adds warmth to a room without being too loud or bright. In many ways it can be treated the same as a neutral like beige or cream.

Mustard yellow and navy board

mustard sofa2


mustard lamp


The colors are not as bright as normal yellow but nice if you want to add bright colors into your home that still feels warm. Read More

A Few Project Updates

February 15, 2020

Hey everyone! I seem to be really busy lately, but I’m not sure with what exactly. I have a few different projects going on at my house, like setting up cozy little corners and pretty vignettes:

cozy corner

bedroom corner

dining room corner

dining room centerpiece

I am thinking of this wallpaper for an accent wall in the living room:

all modern Tia Peony Floral and Botanical Matte Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tile

What do you think? So pretty. The living room needs something interesting and I think this will bring some color and personality to the room. I really am into pink lately!

I choose SW6244  Naval over BM Navy Blue HC-154 for my dining room ceiling:


They both would work, but I liked the blue in the Naval better with my area rug. There are several nice blues that could work on these color strips!

I have been working on an eDesign living room project for a client:

Revere Pewter Concept Board

Ben Moore Revere Pewter Concept Board

She already had a similar sofa and I just helped her fill in the blanks in the room. She is very happy with it! Yay.

Here are a few before and after shots from an online color consultation I did:


Tom kitchen before

Everything in the room was staying as is for right now, so I choose a paint color that would work with the cabinets, green countertops and flooring.


Tom kitchen after2

Such a big difference, don’t you agree?:


Tom kitchen before 2


Tom Kitchen After

The magic of paint!

Are you working on any indoor projects? I can not WAIT for the warmer weather to be outside doing projects. My husband and I are supposed to paint dining room ceiling this weekend. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xo

Using Artwork as a Starting Point for Selecting Color Palette

January 4, 2020

Isn’t it so difficult trying to find a new color palette, especially for your own home?! One of the best ways I have found for a starting point is your artwork:

blue art

I have been looking online for new art for over the sofa, but nothing has been exciting me.  Then I found, (in our basement in a pile), this print I already own that I think will work well. I love navy and it is my common color throughout my home. I wanted to find a new color to bring in and I since I love pink so much and it is in the artwork……Read More