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8 Simple Tips For Fresh Cut Summer Flowers

July 2, 2016

Do you cut your flowers from your garden to enjoy indoors? I hope so! To help you enjoy your flowers indoors as well, check out this list of 8 quick tips!

1. If using a clear vase, be sure to change the water daily to keep the water CLEAN.

clear vase


2. Keep floral arrangements simple, two at the most. One for color, one for filler.Read More

Outdoor Rug Magic

March 31, 2016

Looking for a way to make your outdoor area more comfortable and inviting? If I had to suggest one item that can transform your front porch as well as your backyard deck, my suggestion would be an outdoor rug:



front rug


There is no other accessory that is as inexpensive and easy-to-find for the perfect way to dress up your outdoor area:Read More

Matching Flowers With Pantone Colors

March 18, 2016

Are you as excited as I am that Spring is almost here? Hooray for warmer weather! I wanted to share this interesting article that FTD wrote matching Pantone’s Top Ten Spring Colors with Spring Flowers. I love seeing the colors with the description and care for each flower and thought you would also enjoy. Here is a special introduction from FTD for the color boards:

Early spring is one of the best times of year. The frost starts to melt, the weather gets warmer, and flowers start to bloom. Whether you enjoy planting bright blooms in your yard, or prefer using flowers indoors to brighten up your space, there’s no denying that the right flowers can really transform a home or garden.

There are endless options for colorful spring flowers. To help you choose the ones that are right for you, FTD put together spring flower color palettes based on the Spring 2016 Pantone colors. These ten colors range from soft pinks and reds to vivid reds and yellows, creating a contrasting yet balanced group of colors that will inspire you as you decorate this season!Read More

A Few Random Thoughts and Good Advice

March 8, 2016

* It is that time of year again when our thoughts and projects are beginning to include outdoors. If you are planning on using wood mulch this year, take notice:  Please do not use red-dyed wood chips in your yard! You are trying to make your garden look beautiful and your landscape natural. The wood chips that are dyed red are not natural looking. A better color choice to use outdoors with your plantings is brown- like the color of Earth. Mother Nature  will thank you, (and so will your neighbors)!



Read More

Flower Tip I Learned Today

September 5, 2015

Are you still enjoying your outdoor summer garden? If you are looking to replace your tired-looking planters, like mine,  you can  find a few annuals and planters, (amongst the mums), that are still full and gorgeous by taking a trip to your local garden store: new petunias Each of these planters above, there are two, were originally priced at $35.00 each. The store sold them to me for only $10.00 each! They are practically giving them away if you are looking for a little late summer sunshine on your porch. Petunias are still going strong here in NH: petunias While I was at the garden store, the owner asked if I knew the correct way to deadhead petunias. Now I am not a master gardener, but I thought I knew the correct way to break off the dead flower: dead flower I always pinched it like this at the base of flower: base of flower Well, that answer is wrong. I learned the correct place to snap off the spent flower is at the base of the stem it is on. Like this: base of stem That way you do not end up with seed pods growing. Like this: seed pods I am sure some of you already knew this. But I received so many letters after I wrote about not throwing away those dead orchids here: orchid2 I was not the only one who did not know that flower fact! The orchids are again re-blooming and are beautiful! Hopefully I taught you a new trick with your petunias also. I hope you all had a chance to read my interview this week on Maria Killam’s blog, Color Me Happy here. It was so exciting for me to be featured. She is like a color superstar! 🙂 Have a great Holiday weekend everyone! Kelly

How Was Your 4th?

July 6, 2015

What did you do over the summer Holiday weekend? I enjoyed reading on my porch most of the time,( The Innocent by Harlan Coben, good book and great author) The weather was gorgeous! DSCN8379[1] I did a few small indoor projects, but most of my time now I like spending outdoors in my garden: DSCN8382[1] DSCN8385[1] We enjoyed fireworks every night from our deck over the weekend: DSCN8359[1] DSCN8343[1] DSCN8349[1] DSCN8351[1] DSCN8364[1] DSCN8339[1] DSCN8342[1] So much fun trying different techniques with my camera! And we saw beautiful sunsets: DSCN8316[1] DSCN8318[1] That is another thing I love spending my time on outdoors- taking pretty pictures: DSCN8386[1] DSCN8328[1]  Indoors, I do have a bedroom project that is coming together nicely: DSCN8372[1] We had a great weekend relaxing in New Hampshire. How about you? Are you enjoying the warm weather? Life is precious. Enjoy everyday! Kelly