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8 Simple Tips For Fresh Cut Summer Flowers

July 2, 2016

Do you cut your flowers from your garden to enjoy indoors? I hope so! To help you enjoy your flowers indoors as well, check out this list of 8 quick tips!

1. If using a clear vase, be sure to change the water daily to keep the water CLEAN.

clear vase


2. Keep floral arrangements simple, two at the most. One for color, one for filler.Read More

The Right Vase For The Right Flower

April 24, 2016

If you are like me, you have many different vases you have collected over the years. Tall, short, round and square. Clear and colored glass. Vases and containers of all colors, shapes and sizes!

Kelly Bernier 5 14 flowers 3

But that is ok, because a good variety is important to handle the many different flowers and  various arrangements. Here is a brief summary of popular vase shapes and what flowers work best:Read More

Matching Flowers With Pantone Colors

March 18, 2016

Are you as excited as I am that Spring is almost here? Hooray for warmer weather! I wanted to share this interesting article that FTD wrote matching Pantone’s Top Ten Spring Colors with Spring Flowers. I love seeing the colors with the description and care for each flower and thought you would also enjoy. Here is a special introduction from FTD for the color boards:

Early spring is one of the best times of year. The frost starts to melt, the weather gets warmer, and flowers start to bloom. Whether you enjoy planting bright blooms in your yard, or prefer using flowers indoors to brighten up your space, there’s no denying that the right flowers can really transform a home or garden.

There are endless options for colorful spring flowers. To help you choose the ones that are right for you, FTD put together spring flower color palettes based on the Spring 2016 Pantone colors. These ten colors range from soft pinks and reds to vivid reds and yellows, creating a contrasting yet balanced group of colors that will inspire you as you decorate this season!Read More

Just A Reminder

November 29, 2015

I just wanted to let you know that the December issue of my newsletter ‘Roominations’ will be published tomorrow, December 1st. This issue has Christmas ideas and inspiration and much more!


* This month’s reader question would like to know how to put that ‘Wow” into a room.

* Time for Holiday/Gratitude gift giving! I have listed a few of my favorites design books if you are looking for gift ideas.

The ‘secret’ post this month is Making a Christmas Boxwood Tree.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter today, if you have not already, to be sure you get the password for tomorrow’s secret post. Thank you!

Summer Outdoor Table Settings

June 27, 2015

turquiose and orchid




So gorgeous! And like I have said before, you too can make beautiful place settings if you PLAN.

beach setting table


dreamy table




It’s all in the details:





blue & white








blue table


rustic table


summer setting


green setting


How can you not be inspired by this beautiful and simple table?:





Love, love, love! I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos as much I as I did collecting them. Does this inspire you to set yourself a beautiful table?

Spring Tablescape Photos

June 16, 2015

spring table

I found these photos I had taken a couple months ago of a Spring tablescape I had made:

spring table3

I worked hard taking the pictures because the scene was just so beautiful:

spring table10


Every time I would come in the room, I would smile and say, “It looks so pretty!” The pictures are far from perfect, but I think they are pretty good and I wanted to share with you:

spring table12

spring table5

spring table6

spring table8

spring table9

spring table11

What do you think? Do you like taking photos of your stuff? I really enjoy and want to get better and better!