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A Few Random Thoughts and Good Advice

March 8, 2016

* It is that time of year again when our thoughts and projects are beginning to include outdoors. If you are planning on using wood mulch this year, take notice:  Please do not use red-dyed wood chips in your yard! You are trying to make your garden look beautiful and your landscape natural. The wood chips that are dyed red are not natural looking. A better color choice to use outdoors with your plantings is brown- like the color of Earth. Mother Nature  will thank you, (and so will your neighbors)!



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Helpful Tip For Exteriors

February 20, 2016

A suggestion I want to share with you because I have been noticing it everywhere:

small star

And that is under-sized exterior wall decorations. Can you see that little gold star in the photo above?  It is too small for that large wall. I do like the larger star they used:

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Review of Gray Undertones

February 3, 2016

Undertones. We have learned enough about color to know we can not ignore them. But I have found that knowing the undertones of a color makes the color selection process much easier and less stressful.

So I thought I would do a little review as a reminder of the undertones of gray. Gray is still very popular right now and we should be aware of what makes up the color so we can be educated when choosing a color for our home.  Gray has the undertones of blue, green, violet and taupe:

Blue Undertone Grays:

The most popular grays with blue undertones are Coventry Gray HC-169:

coventry gray

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Quick Update on New Home Build

December 9, 2015

I just wanted to give you all a quick update what is happening at the construction site for the new home build. In the last couple of weeks, a lot of work roofing and siding has made a big difference:

ray work exterior

Love the way they made the chimney box. Looks so great! Here is the back:


The owner is very happy and excited. He is also stressed out because of the two month delay we had to wait for town permits and everything is not as finished as he would like before his tax season begins. (He is an accountant).

Here is looking down from the open second floor into the great room and breakfast area:

ray framed

Master bedroom:

ray master

So much easier to visualize rooms now and I am having fun planning design ideas for each room.

I am a little disappointed that the stone exterior front will not be done until the Spring. Because of the New England weather of course.

ray front2

ray ext.

It is coming along nicely. It is going to look fabulous! I will keep you updated. Thanks for stopping by!

My New Painted Front Door

August 11, 2015

Painting my outside door has been on my to-do list for over a year. At first, it was the actual color to be selected that had me stumped, (too many great colors). Then the long winter prevented me from doing anything outdoors. So now, I am pleased to present my new painted front door:

blue door

I call it the front door because this is the door we use all the time. The real front door is over here:


No one would be able to see my pretty painted door over there!

Anyone that guessed I would be using blue for my new door- congratulations! You know me well. I chose SW Naval 6244 . It is one of my favorite blues.

sw naval4

Here is an old before picture of the door:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 ext 1

How about that view? Do you like our red truck we bomb around town in?

The blue door now brings color and interest to our home! So happy how it looks.

door sw

The white wreath I used for Summer looks ok, but I think a colorful Autumn wreath will look fabulous!

Do you have a painted front door?