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Time To Relax

December 20, 2015

Wow! Can you believe it is the first day of Winter tomorrow with Christmas just a few days away? How are you doing with your Holiday preparations?



My son Kyle has flown home for Christmas! I am so happy we will all be together. Most of my work is done and it is time to relax and enjoy. So sit back and relax with me a few minutes to look at some beautiful Christmas images I have come across this Holiday Season:

table setting








christmas entry










christmas cow










red balls


So simple and beautiful:







Aren’t they all beautiful? Thanks for visiting with me, I hope you have enjoyed. Much love and gratitude to you all! Happy almost Christmas Day everyone!!

Plan It Out

November 14, 2015

I don’t want to talk about the Holiday Season too early, but…..

Looking ahead, wouldn’t it be fun to create something fabulous that makes you smile every time you walk in the room?



If you want to create a pretty and special Christmas tree or tabletop setting, a decorated mantel, bookshelf, etc. this Season, it is necessary to plan it out:

wrapped gifts


Those beautiful table settings you see in blogs and magazines? Definitely written down and planned out to the last napkin. Same with those gorgeous, original Christmas trees you see. All planned out.



And if I can figure out how to create something out of my normal craft boundaries- you can too! For instance, this year I decided to try something new and I am adding ribbon to my Christmas tree:

ribbon tree


I saved the project here on my Christmas Pinterest board. I printed out the directions and wrote a list of what I will need. Now that I started to plan, I will have time to purchase my ribbon and not be rushing around at the last minute when I put up my tree.

Another project I have always wanted to do is making a Christmas boxwood tree:



boxwood tree


I love them! Just so pretty and sweet.

Shiny_Brite Tree




I am going to try it! It will be fun however it turns out. Now I just have to plan it out…..

Have a great weekend everyone!

Christmas Decorating At The Condo

December 11, 2014

I just wanted to share my little condo decorating for Christmas this year:

christmas tree1b

Nothing special or fancy. This table was decorated around my pretty Christmas cactus that is blooming now (upper left of photo below):

Christmas 7

I just wrote a couple weeks ago how I do not do theme Christmas trees, but I found I picked up a lot of turquoise ornaments at the end of last years season sales, so I thought why not give it a try:

christmas tree

I love it! Here is a clever idea for a Christmas display:

Christmas vase2

Take a tall vase, fill with silver tinsel and balls and mix in some colored balls:

Christmas Vase

Super easy and original!

Christmas vase3

christmas vase4

How are you doing with your Christmas decorating? Do you go all out every year? Or do you find yourself taking out less decorations each year? I am definitely in the lesser group. I still enjoy decorating but have toned it down a bit each year. How about you?

Inspiring Christmas Tablescapes

December 3, 2014

xmas table3


Oh so pretty! I just love looking at beautiful Holiday tablescapes and I know you do too!:

xmas table4


xmas table5


It takes a little planning to put something together as beautiful as these:

xmas table 6


I’m sure you could also set a beautiful table after you made a list of what you would need.

xmas table7


I love so many of these vignettes, but where would you ever put the food?

xmas table8


Look how gorgeous this is:

xmas table9


Love, love this one!:

xmas table10


xmas 11


Here is a close up of the one above:

xmas table11


xmas table13


So simple and so gorgeous, don’t you agree?

xmas table12


I hope you enjoyed and were able to get a few inspiring ideas for your Christmas table! I have Christmas on my mind, how about you?

Decorating Your Own Wreath

December 4, 2011

wreath 017

Do you decorate a wreath for the Holiday’s? I do love the simplicity of the simple red bow on a wreath.

But I really love to buy a plain wreath every year and decorate it myself. Below is an artificial wreath that I like to decorate every year:

wreath 001

The BIG trick in using an artificial wreath is to be sure to spread out the branches! It is all compacted and squished when you first bring home. Remember to always take the time to spread out the branches so that it will look more realistic.

There are a few ways you can secure ornaments to your wreath. I think the easiest way to attach items is to tie a floral stick to the ornament:

wreath 004

And then it is very easy to poke the ornaments into the wreath.

wreath 006

You can also use a glue gun to secure the balls:

wreath 014

Floral wire (shown above) is another option. Cut a small piece of wire and string through top of ornament and then tie secure to the wreath branch:

wreath 016

For the bow on your wreath, you can make one yourself or you can buy a bow already made for only a couple dollars. Just have fun with it! Decorate as little or as much as you like:

wreath 019

With an artificial wreath, you can take off the bow and all your ornaments and save as well as your wreath. And make a new masterpiece next year!

Here is another easy project:

wreath 028

Gather a few different varieties of branches together. For this project, I used four varieties of branches. First, secure the bunch tightly together at the stems. You can use wire or I tied a heavy rubber band to secure:

wreath 029

Next, I hung my created swag on a wreath hanger:

wreath 030

I then tied a big red bow around the back of the swag and wreath holder:

wreath 032

Ta Da!! Pretty easy and it looks great. I bet you would have to pay $20.00 for a swag this pretty! 🙂 Ok, one more little project I worked on today:

wreath 035

My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Look at the stand someone actually made. So of course I have to decorate in the true CB fashion:

wreath 037

The Peanuts gang would be so proud:

wreath 038

wreath 047

This tree fits in very well with the rest of our old-fashioned Christmas decorated home:

wreath 040

We still love the big colored lights and the homemade decorations on the tree:

wreath 045

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Bright and colored? Or clean and white? Do you decorate your own wreath?

Now don’t get too excited, but these are photos only from my New Hampshire home. I will show you my Rhode Island Christmas decorating pictures soon! 🙂

If you need help decorating your home for Christmas, contact me today.

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