Candice Olson’s Five Favorite Neutrals

May 19, 2012

[pinterest]Candice Olson

Candice Olson

Beautiful. Natural. Modern. I have always been one of Candice Olson’s biggest design fans!


I love her style and use of color. When Candace came out with her list of her five “Go To” Benjamin Moore colors, I could not wait to check them out. As soon as I found them, I pinned them to my pinterest color board. And there they sat! Then I heard someone comment on the colors yesterday and I realized I have not even taken a good look at them yet! Have you?



You can tell by her designs that she loves working with natural materials in her designs such as wood, stone, linen and wool.

A lot of the colors that she uses come from items that you see in nature. Her color list was chosen around colors such as stormy skies and misty, watery greens. All of these color choices are from Benjamin Moore.


Nimbus Gray, a cool gray-blue which reminds Candace of stormy skies that can be used as dramatic color or serene. 

Gray Mirage- 2142-50, a serene misty gray-green that Candace loves. Works well with many different colors. This color looks beautiful with your wood floors and trim.

Pale oak OC-20 is a beautiful natural beige color, that Candace likes to use with natural stone such as limestone and travertine. Pale oak is a very light neutral with a slight blush (pink/red) undertone.

Niveous OC-36 is a gorgeous cream hue. It is a warm neutral with yellow undertones that works well with natural elements:

And last but not least- Cloud White OC-130.

Ms. Olson did comment on how she loved to work with Niveous for the walls with Cloud White on the ceiling and trim.

I love this:

beasley atlanta living room

I tried to find photos of her rooms that the color name was listed to share but I could not find any.

Love this too!:


Love them all!:

Aren’t all these rooms so gorgeous? I think I will take a closer look at her neutrals and maybe consider using them on my next project. What do you think of her go-to colors? Do you use any of them regularly (beside cloud white)?

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If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.

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  1. Love and Candice Olson’sstyle of decorating and her go to colors. I wish I had found this before I started painting. My gray has a lilac tint to it. I hope the blue I use with makes it look more gray.

    • I love gray and lilac undertones Jean! I actually painted my master bath in a gray/lilac recently. I used teal as an accent color and it looks great!

  2. Hello,
    I am decorating my daughters room. I decided to get the Monique collection from pottery Barn kids. It is a combination of soft blush and cream. I wanted to paint the walls a very soft and light grey color. All the paint’s I am sampling have a greenish under tone or are simply too dark for my taste. Do you have any suggestions? Also, what color curtains would you pair up with grey walls and a cream and blush comforter set? Her furniture is a cream color as well.

  3. I adore those 5 colors from Candice Olson too. I have a beautiful very pale blue duvet cover and a dark reddish brown bed. I have ruled out gray, greige, green or blue for the walls mostly because of the low light, it’s a large room too. I absolutely love Niveous by BM, but I’m nervous pairing it with pale blue bedding. What is your opinion on that combo? Niveous is like a candlelight glow in this dark room, but perhaps a light beige would work better? Do you have any advice to help me choose a pale wall color? I really want to use this duvet!

    • If my bedding was blue, I would not paint the walls blue also. I would choose a soft beige such as Edgecomb Gray. It will highlight the bedding best not using the same color. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much. I LOVE Edgecomb Grey, and I tested it out, but unfortunately, it’s too muddy and dark in that particular room because of the low light and the dark furniture. I thought Niveous might give me a lighter and brighter look, but I don’t know about combining it with blue bedding. Thoughts? Glad to hear you agree about blue walls and blue bedding. Photos in magazines often show the same wall color as bedding and I do not like that look at all.

        • Yes Margaret, Nivious should work very well. I was confusing it with another color and thought it was blue. Niveous is a soft neutral and will look nice with the blue bedding. Be sure to sample though!

  4. I’m painting my kitchen walls gray mirage and the main wall runs into the dining room ,I am looking for a different color for the 3 walls in the dining room , what do you suggest, should i go lighter or darker in the same color or a whole different color and if so what color goes with Gray Mirage, Thanks

    • Hi Diana, The lighter version of Gray Mirage is November Rain 2142-60 which is a gorgeous color. The two darker colors are Dry Sage 2142-40 and Mountain Moss 2142-30. I usually like to put the darker color in the dining room, but each situation is different. Can you send me an email with photos?

  5. Hi Kelly, I recently moved to a ranch. The fire place is medium gray stone to the ceiling. Dark wood beam for mantel. Would like to paint windows and trim off white. Looked at Dove white in BM or Alabaster in SW. Maybe Jute for walls. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Martina,

      I wish I could help but I need photos and asking questions to give you the best colors for your home. If you would like to work together, send me an email with a brief description and photos of your room you would like help with. I have an online color consultation service and the price is $55.00 per color. Let me know! Thanks for writing.

  6. I just painted my kitchen cabinets seapearl and my island cheating heart , now I can’t pick a wall or trim color … help!

    • Hi Ann Marie,

      If you would like to work together to find the best paint colors, please visit my website on my services page. I’m sure I could help!

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