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June 22, 2015

Have you tried the Benjamin Moore color app that helps you select paint colors?:

bm color app


I wrote about this app here when it first came out in 2011. I actually forgot all about until recently when trying to figure out the best shade of blue to work with this comforter:


I used my phone to download and it is a super easy app to use. There are clear instructions on how to take a photo and then how to use the picture to find the colors of your object:


I always like to try a few times to see if I get different colors. I knew Stunning 826 would be a good match as well as Old Navy 2063-10:

old navy

I was pleasantly surprised at one color name I would not have thought of:

gentleman's gray

Ben Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20. A beautiful turquoise blue.

Another option I like is Twilight:


What I also like about this app, is you can tap anywhere on your photo, and the color palette will adjust:

fire and ice

baltic sea

Pretty amazing. I think it is a good tool (plus it’s free!) An excellent place to start looking if you have no idea where to begin.

My adventures this past weekend in NH:

We saw a Mother bear and FIVE babies in my front yard!! So cool. This was the best picture I got:


Happened so fast. I sat on the deck most of the next day with my camera and of course they never came by again. Then I see this:



Baby squirrels!

We had a lot of clouds this weekend:

clouds rolling in

Clouds moving in!


Nature is so beautiful. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. WOW!!! Where have you been? I downloaded the app on my iPhone and can’t believe what a wonderful tool it is. Too bad no app for my iPad. As I’m building a new home with an open concept this will really help with color selection. Thanks!

      • I’ll be playing with this all day. I can’t believe that I had a color sample of BM Grege Avenue and that was the color it pulled up (along with other similar colors). I just LOVE this technology!
        It’s take out tonight!

  2. Kelly – it worked just fine for iPhone but on iPad it said “no results”
    I connected to iTunes and was able to drag icon from iPhone onto iPad and hooray!!! it worked

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