Blues For Ceilings

August 17, 2014

[pinterest]After I wrote my post on Acadia White last week, a few readers have written to ask if I could suggest a paint color name for the blue ceilings I suggested:

blue ceiling3


I have a few favorites.  One of my top favorite soft blues to use for ceilings is Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue:

woodlawn blue




I love the softness of the blue and how it reminds me of a true sky blue. Another popular blue choice for ceilings is Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue:

palladian blue


palladian blue2



One other blue I love for ceilings is Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597:

pebble beach


Although we see blue ceilings with white walls often, (because it looks fabulous!) do not think you can only use blue ceilings in an all white room. I also love beige walls with a blue ceiling:

blue ceiling2


beige and blue ceiling


blue ceiling


What do you think of the beige and blue ceilings?

So don’t forget your ‘Fifth Wall.” Ceilings are a blank canvas for your creative expression. It is a quick and easy way to give your room a fresh new look! It is not a new or trendy look, blue painted ceilings have been around for a few years. What do you think of using soft blue ceilings in your home?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. Oh my goodness! All these rooms are fabulous. I think I’d be more inclined to use blue ceilings with white walls but it certainly looks great with beige too.

  2. There are some gorgeous rooms here! In looking through them, I like the white with blue a little better than the beige/blue. Lighter beige is better than the darker beige.

  3. I’ve used gray on ceilings recently. My family room is Timber Wolf (1600) with White Dove trim and Silver Lake (1598) on the ceiling. We did the dining room Newburyport (HC-155) with Gray Timber Wolf (2126-60) on the ceiling and White Dove trim. I️ love the added dimension of color on a ceiling. Right now I’m trying to narrow down my front entry way which extends to second floor hallways and am thinking Palladian for walls and was considering Woodlawn on the ceiling?

    • Hi Regina,
      I do not think there is enough contrast between the two colors, Palladian and Woodlawn. I am afraid it will look like you tried to match and did not. I would pick one of the two colors for walls and then choose something lighter for ceiling. To make a lighter shade of a color, you can ask at the paint store to reduce color by 50%. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Kelly – I’ve finally decided on BM Gray Wisp for the walls and am still working on a ceiling color – considering going darker (Raindance or Imperial Gray) instead of lighter on the ceiling. We have old crown moldings which will be White Dove. Obviously will have to do some testing!

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