Big Girl’s Bedroom

May 29, 2013



I recently completed an online design plan for a mom who’s daughter will be celebrating her thirteenth birthday in June. Mom wants to surprise her with a new bedroom look while she is off visiting her Dad for the weekend. We started with the duvet cover she found at Pottery Barn:



Isn’t it so pretty? Mom contacted me because she wondered if she should paint the walls in a white or beige because there is so much color in the bedding:



Definitely not beige, because we are working with a white background in the duvet (clean vs. dirty). Plus, I think painting a white on the walls would make the bed stand out too much in the room. We want a wall color that will enhance the colors of the bedding:



There are a lot of colors to choose from in the duvet! But since the room is going to be for a young girl, here are a couple suggestions I thought of right away:

Ben Moore Faded Violet CSP-455:

faded violet

Ben Moore Pinot Grigio Grape CSP-460:


Ben Moore Santa Clara 753:

santa clara

Ben Moore In The Tropics CSP-640:

in the tropics

Ben Moore Spa Day CSP-635:


I always give suggestions of colors that might look close in color because the next step is important where the home owner has to pick up samples and see which shade is working best with the actual fabric. Mom did not want to even look at lime greens which would also work. So we narrowed it down to these few choices and now it is her turn to see which color works best. I also gave her a safe color:

Ben Moore Nimbus Gray 2131-50:


A beautiful color but remember this is a teen’s room! I think we need some personality on the walls!

I am excited to see which color she chooses. I would love to help pick out other accessories for the room (mirror, little chandelier, artwork). Hint, hint!!

Which color do you think will look great on the walls with her bedding? I know she will be happy with any of the choices!

If you need help choosing paint colors for your home, contact me today.


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