Best Trim Color For Revere Pewter

January 7, 2014



I received another email the other day inquiring which white trim color works best with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter:



Since Revere Pewter is such a popular color, I thought maybe a few of you would also like to know which trim color I have found works best.

With Revere Pewter, depending on the light, you may sometimes see more gray:

revere pewter


And sometimes more of the warm beige of the color (why Revere Pewter is considered a greige color):



So which is my favorite trim color to use with Revere Pewter? My answer is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17. With its warm undertones, it works beautifully with Revere Pewter in all types of  lighting.  And although White Dove would not be the best trim color choice with all wall colors, I’d say in this case it is the perfect trim match!



If you need help selecting the best paint color choices for your home, contact me today.


  1. Hello!
    Deciding on colors for our new home. Accent wall (fireplace wall) Boothbay Gray, remaining walls Revere Pewter, ceiling Edgecomb Gray and trim I need help deciding. Simply white or White dove. I love the clean look and have always done trim bright white. But my ceilings are 18′ and I’m just not sure. I love the look of the White Dove in pictures I’ve seen but all doors will need to be painted as well. Trying to add pictures now… Any advice or opinions would be great! Thank you!

    • Hi Michaelene,

      If you have always loved the clean white look of trim, I would go with the Simply White! I like the White Dove, which is a tad off-white with Egdecomb gray, but the Simply White will also work. Why don’t you try painting a larger sample of both and try in your home. That will help you make up your mind.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Kelly- thank you for all the helpful advice. Based on that, I believe I will use Revere Pewter with White Dove trim. I also want to use SW Sea Salt in my master bed and bath. Will the White Dove trim work with the Sea Salt?


    • Thanks Julie! Yes, I think the White Dove will work with the Sea Salt. But if you are starting from scratch and painting the trim anyway, I would suggest a whiter white to work best with the Sea Salt. A cleaner and brighter white such as Ben Moore Simply White OC-117.

  3. I am renovating a master bedroom. I was going to use Rivera pewter for walls – simple white for trim. I have built in cabinets – what color should I use? Same as trim?

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I am trying to decide on a paint color for my master bathroom. Floor tile is navy blue. Tile around tub and on vanity is white ceramic with specks of tan. I am thinking about revere pewter at 50% because there is no natural light in there with white dove for trim and cabinets. My master bedroom is painted bm gray wisp with Navajo white trim but that is too beige with revere pewter. Do you have any other suggestions for trim or wall color? Would linen white be too yellow? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Yes Debbie, the Linen White has very yellow undertones. I think the white dove would work best for trim.

      Sounds like an important decision for your walls, and I would not want to give you any wrong advise without seeing photos. I do a lot of online color/decorating consults and I would love to help you. If you would like to work together, send me an email at [email protected] and I will explain how the easy process works. Thanks for writing!

  5. I am strongly considering painting my small, windowless master bathroom revere pewter. We will have to leave our 80’s almond fixtures, (tub, toilet and sink top) for now. What color would be best for the ceiling if I do the trim in white dove? My goal is for a soft grey. I am worn out on antique white, so I am hoping to have more of a grey than beige, but I know I have to consider the almond fixtures. I absolutely love all of your advice, Thank you in advance!

      • Thank you Kelly. I absolutely love your suggestion. I have been wanting to do something a little out of my box. I had even looked at doing the walls a green or a blue. I am so excited to have a plan. Would you suggest painting all of the cabinets white dove as they look in the link you sent? Presently my wall cabinet is stained with special walnut. I would love to do a monogrammed shower curtain. I am assuming white with the monogram matching the Baltic Sea or the Revere pewter.
        Could you please suggest the best color for the curtain and the accessories? Would a valance made with stained wood be good to cover the top of the shower curtain?
        I cannot thank you enough! I am so glad I found you!

        • Bonnie, I would use the Baltic sea color for shower curtain and accessories to tie everything together. I don’t think I would put up a valance- just takes away light in room and takes up space. I think less is more in this case! Good luck!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    We are building a new 2 story townhome and now it’s time to pick colors. Our unit is an inside unit so there are only windows in the back and in the front of the downstairs living areas. I like Revere Pewter but am not crazy about super white trim, doors and cabinets. The great room, dining area and kitchen areas are all open to each other with the backsplash being white subway tile and the granite on the counters and island with mostly gray and tan specks. The floors are dark walnut. I have a sofa and loveseat in quartz color and accent furniture is mostly in the dark tones. I do pops of colors in blues, golds, oranges, etc. which play off of my art work. I have the card with the BM White Dove sample but actually I like the BM Dove Wing better. What do you think of that color for the trim, doors and cabinets? Also, since there is not a lot of outdoor light, will the Revere Pewter be too dark? Should I go with the Edgecomb Gray? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sheryl, Congratulations on your new home! If you like the Dove Wing better, I say go for it! I compared with the Revere and Edgecomb and it will work fine. It has a slight greige undertone and not too bright.
      As far as which color to paint the walls, I have found if you paint the large poster boards, two coats, and live with it in room for a few days, you can choose which you like best. More work for you but definitely worth it. Hope this helps!

  7. Love, love, love your blog! We are getting ready to repaint our trim and doors, and currently have SW Softer Tan, SW Canvas Tan, and SW Basket Beige on our walls in various rooms of our home. I’m not a bright stark white trim type of person, and have been wrestling with the decision of BM White Dove, SW Alabaster, or SW Snowbound for doors and trim with the above wall colors. I repainted my utility room cabinets and trim with SW Pure White, but I see a blue undertone, so Pure White isn’t an option for the rest of the house. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Donna, I looked at the SW colors you have in your home and I also put them with the trim colors you have listed. I believe the best choice for trim is BM White Dove. It is a plain, simple white that is not a bright white or a creamy white, just white. Plus, you wall colors all have a green undertone and White Dove has the slightest undertone of green. I think you will be very happy with the White Dove. Hope this helps!

  8. Is Revere Pewter still a popular color and do you see it going out of trend anytime soon? Considering painting most of the interior of my house Revere Pewter with White Dove trim.

    • Hi Katie, No I do not think Revere Pewter is going anywhere. Has been popular for a feww years, but it is such a great color I don’t think it will go in and out of style. Plus it is in BM Historical Collections meaning it has been a great color historically. Thanks for writing!

  9. Hi Kelly,

    I have been thinking about using the White Dove trim with the Revere Pewter but I’m afraid it isn’t bright enough for me. Can you recommend another trim color that would work without bringing out more of the green tones in Revere Pewter? Thanks in advance for your help.

  10. Kelly, I plan to use Revere Pewter and White Dove throughout my house. However, my window coverings wood plantation shutters, blinds, and shades) are a light ivory off white color. Will White Dove trim fight with the window coverings?

    • Hi Janna,
      That is fine the shade and blinds are off white. That is what a great neutral White Dove i. I compared White Dove to several creamy and ivory whites and it looks great. No worries!

  11. Kelly, I love your insight! My townhouse (east-west facing) has all the trim, FP, and shutters painted in SW Navajo White. We want to update the builder beige wall color with a gray/taupe color. I’ve looked at tons of “grays” but they seem to fight with the yellow in the SW Navajo White. The dining room walls are SW Keystone Gray and that looks fine with the trim. Please help me find a wall color!

    • Hi Ginny, I really took my time to see if I could find you a gray/taupe paint color to work with your Navajo White trim. Just not working! The grays are making the trim look ‘dirty’ by bringing out the yellow of the trim. I tried, I just think you need to go another way than gray.

  12. Hi Kelly, What type of picture frames do you like best with the Revere Pewter walls. gold, silver or black. I just found a wonderful hand painted china piece that is framed in an ornamental gold frame. Would you stay away from gold and go in another direction or do you think the gold works? Thank you, I will look forward to your advice!

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Sorry it took so long to answer! I think the gold will work great! Especially for a piece of art- a gold frame is very popular. For other art to go in the room, I would purchase black frames, which will work great with Revere and the gold frame. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi Kelly,

    Our kitchen is currently a shade of red. We really like it, but a designer friend said that red was out of style. Is this your opinion also? I’m not a fan of the blues and greens that I’m seeing paired with revere pewter. Is there a certain red color that would go well with revere pewter? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

    • Hi Ellen,
      Does your friend know that Ben Moore named Caliente AF-290, color of the year? It is a beautiful color. I put Caliente together with my Revere Pewter samples- looks really nice together. What red are you using now? Did you try a Revere Pewter sample with it?

  14. I have the absolute hardest time picking colors and I ALWAYS second guess my decision. We are finally ready to paint;) Walls will be revere pewter and we’re using Cambria Swanbridge quarts counters. We have old honey oak cabinets. I was set on white dove until we changed the countertops to swanbrige. We will also be painting the stair banister and posts. Our fireplace is also a bright white. Whatever we choose for the cabinets will also be the trim, fireplace, and banister… I am looking for a white to make things pop…clean, fresh, farmhouse feel. I worried if I use white dove, I’m going to make the things that currently pop (fireplace surround/mantle and stair poles) look worse than they do now. Cambria recommends BM pure white…I don’t have experience with that color. Can you recommend a white for me. I have to decide by tomorrow and am super nervous to make the wrong decision 😉

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Katie,

      The Pure White is a good match for the countertops- but it does have such a blue undertone, I would not suggest to use everywhere, trim, bannister,etc. The cleanest white there is Chantilly Lace OC-65 if you want to compare whites together. My choice for a clean, white, white would be Simply White OC-117. It has no undertones and works with everything! If you have time, bring home a sample to check out with your counters and fireplace. For finish- I suggest semi gloss to look a bit shiny but not too much. Good luck with your project! Hope this has helped you.

  15. Hi Kelly. I have chosen BM Elmira White for my bedrooms and dining room in my 1925 historic home. What color do you recommend for trim and ceiling? Would white dove work? Thanks!

  16. Hi Kelly,
    I just read this entire thread and want to say thank you for all of the great information. Here is my question. We are thinking about painting our entire house revere pewter and are considering a feature wall in living room…do we choose a different colour or keep the same? Can you suggest something that will go nicely? Also should wainscotting paint be white dove to go with revere pewter?

    • Hi Sylvia,
      For a feature wall, the paint color is usually a darker color than the rest of the walls. Revere Pewter works so well with so many colors, you can choose almost any color you like. I love Navy Blue, such as Ben Moore Hale Navy. Yes, I think painting the wainscotting White Dove will work well with the Revere Pewter. Hope this helps!

  17. Hi Kelly,
    I was planning to go with revere pewter walls, white dove trim and doors, and 50% edgecomb gray for ceilings. Two questions:
    1) Will the painted ceiling being a different color be odd when I won’t have crown molding?
    2) Could you make a suggestion for a master bed accent wall color (coastal home, want it to feel airy but serene)?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kat,

      The ceiling will be fine- a lot of people have white for ceiling and color painted walls and no one really notices. I would not worry about the crown molding.
      Not sure if you are looking for a light or dark accent wall in the bedroom. If it in the same room as the Revere?

  18. Kelly,
    I found this thread of awesome questions and advice while researching if Revere Pewter is still a good choice for a new house in October 2018. I would love to know what you would suggest for kitchen and bath cabinet color, different color for island, and ceiling color with Revere Pewter as the wall color?! How do I decide if trim should be White Dove or Simply White or Chantilly?!

  19. I am getting ready to paint my older home living room Revere Pewter. I see how White Dove trim would look great with it. My dilemma is that the trim throughout the rest of my home is linen white. How do you think linen white trim would look? Thanks.

    • Hi Katie,

      I put together Revere Pewter and the Linen White. It would not be my first trim choice but it does not clash too much. I worried the yellow undertones of the Linen White would really clash, but it really is not. If you were to change the trim in this one room to White Dove, is it a separate room where the trim does not meet up with the Linen White? If so, I would paint the trim with White Dove. If there are doorways and trim close together, I would keep with the Linen White throughout. If you would like to send me a photo of your room so I can take a closer look, email me at [email protected]. Hope this helps Katie!

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