Benjamin Moore Introduces New Color Collection – Century

April 8, 2017

Labeled as ‘Small Batch Interior Paint’, the fresh and unique colors of the Century color palette is a new dimension in paint and design with a depth of color not before seen:

blue muscari

Benjamin Moore Blue Muscari

Century is available in a palette of 75 colors exclusive to the product, ranging from mid-tones to dark.  There are no whites or light colors in the collection. The colors are drawn from inspiration of natural elements such as minerals, gems, spices herbs and plants:

bittersweet vine

Benjamin Moore Century Bittersweet Vine

This innovative paint comes in colors that are brought to life with the first-ever Soft Touch Matte finish that offers a tactile experience similar to that of a soft leather glove:


Benjamin Moore Century Obsidian

Century comes in a matte finish only, but does have a slight shine to it unlike the traditional matte look. Developed by skilled craftsmen and chemists and unveiled after years in the making, this ultra-premium paint is so intricately balanced that its only made in small batches that will be pre-mixed and sealed to ensure the truest color and experience in ever can. Every can of Century is produced in the same Benjamin Moore workshop to guarantee true color:


Benjamin Moore Century Cobalt

The paint collection of 75 colors is broken down into seven categories:

century color groups

Ten Plum Colors:


Ten Claret Colors:


Ten Copper Colors:


Ten Topaz Colors:


Ten Jade Colors:


Thirteen Sapphire Colors:


And Twelve Charcoal Colors:


Beautiful, gorgeous colors! I believe that this new Century collection is for high end design. Of course, because of their complexity, they will be more expensive. The samples are $10.00 each for a four ounce sample and for a gallon it will cost you $125.00.  Even every fan deck is individually brush stroked with each color! Because of their matte finish, they should not be used in a high traffic area. You can not scrub this finish to clean.  Think more of being used in master bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and libraries.

terre verte

Benjamin Moore Terre Verte

Master Craft Meets High Art:

wild caraway

Benjamin Moore Century Wild Caraway

So where can you purchase this gorgeous new paint?

veronese green

Benjamin Moore Century Veronese Green

Currently, it is being sold in Ridgewood, NJ and New York, New York. Century is rolling out market-by-market throughout the U.S., and will be available in select stores nationwide by August, 2017.  I am told it will be available on the East Coast by the end of April, 2017 at select stores. You can read more information about the product and see more photos here.

I love the colors, especially the Sapphire and Jade collections.  What do you think of this sophisticated palette? Do you think there is a market for these high end matte colors? Would you want to use and be willing to pay to paint a room in your home? Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Interesting twist, with such rich colors, while all the light/bright palettes have been so popular for a while now. Is this a new trend?

    • I don’t think it is a new trend Sandy- just another way to sell more paint. I have found out more interesting facts about this paint line. Will share more this week!

  2. I would love to paint my dining room a rich colour but as my kitchen and ding room are connected I don’t know how I would be able to accomplish that without it looking choppy. Maybe a lighter version of the dining room colour in the kitchen?

  3. This is interesting, Kelly! I wonder how different these are from the Color Stories Collection? I never used any of those, although they looked lovely. Couldn’t get clients to go for the higher price. Ben Moore, I think, has been trying for years to formulate paint that can’t be matched, so that their paint color formulations can’t be matched. This is yet another attempt to be create exclusive colors. I get it, and don’t blame them – but not sure if this will work for them any better than Color Stories. Unless they work on building better relationships with painters and color specifies, I’m not sure they can sell it. What do you think???

    • I think they are going go after the high end designers and architects Kristy. You are right about them trying that no one can copy. The Color Stories were ok colors, but nothing like the richness and depth of this new collection.

  4. I’m thinking it is about time we get richer colors. My heart was pounding harder with each color that I viewed. I am looking forward to using one in my dining room!! I am a bit concerned that I won’t know which to choose. But I’m not too concerned because I know a color expert!

  5. The depth of color is what interests me. And I LOVE the fact that it’s matte. I know Benjamin Moore has always said to get their true colors from their paint fans, one should use their paints. But I’ve used several of their colors mixed into other company’s paints with very good success. I suspect there are others out there that find ‘the’ perfect color from a paint fan but use another company’s paint 😉

    As I said, I love the matte finish but since it’s not washable, I would be very leery of places to use it. After all, there are other paint companies who have flat finish paint that is washable. We’ve come a long ways since the days “flat paint” meant “unwashable”. Why wouldn’t they formulate it to be washable? Hmmmm….. Maybe they’re thinking of a comparison to non-washable, high-end silk draperies verses a washable silk-look polyester draperies. Up close and personal, they’re just not the same 🙂

    As for this particular line, which is quite pricey, I do think it’ll be marketed to high end designer use. But that doesn’t mean someone who’s really looking for this “specialty” paint and is willing to pay the price, couldn’t/wouldn’t use it. It is extraordinarily stunning, to be sure! 🙂

  6. Cannot choose- they are all gorgeous! Too bad they are just available in matte finish- these would be perfect for DIY furniture projects.

  7. I love the Blue Muscari! I am in the process of having the exterior of my home painted, and also searching for a BM “greige” or taupe color for the siding, with light colored trim.
    A Blue Muscari front door sounds interesting!
    I wonder if I can pull this off?

  8. Love the rich jewel tones. They are very saturated and yummy looking. They remind me of Donald Kaufman’s darker colors. The price points would get in the way of most clients but all the information you provided is awesome.

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