Benjamin Moore 2016 Color Of The Year

October 7, 2015

If you have not already heard on social media, Benjamin Moore has chosen the color Simply White OC-117 as the color for 2016.


Simply White is a warm white without all of those pesky undertones to worry about contrasting with. It is a very constant color and does not change in various lighting sources. A beautiful neutral that I am excited about!:



I read an interesting article from Architectural Digest today featuring Ellen O’Neill who is the creative director at Benjamin Moore and the mastermind of choosing the colors of the year, here. She stated when asked, how did white become a color of interest?:

We were in Paris at Maison et Objet in January, and we had just come off of a photoshoot all about whites. Then it was the summer of the white shirtdress. Even last week with the pope—another gift from the universe—you’re looking at millions of people lining the streets and you can find him. It’s strong. It’s directing your eye. It’s a beacon.”



Did you notice all the white on the fashion runway this past summer? A color always seems to appear in the fashion industry first, then it is brought into our homes.

bm simpl white


Simply White OC-117 is cleansing and fresh. Why do you think so many people love white kitchens? I think it is because they not only love the clean, fresh, uncluttered look but also because a white room is never trendy or dated.

simply white kitchen




What do you think of Simply White with wood finishes?:

simply white

simply white room


bm color palette

bm color palette2

So what do you think of the the new color of the year, Simply White? I think it is a beautiful and sophisticated color that will not go out of style. I’m in! Why not white? Let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks so much for the info. I’m building a house and worry how the “white” trim will look with other colors. I don’t have a trained eye for undertones so I’m glad to hear this is a “safe” warm white. I will be right in style!

    • I like Simply White with the medium to dark wood because it shows off the wood’s character. I don’t think the oak and lighter woods look as nice with the white. I still stand by my green or gray choice for oak cabinets.

  2. What do I think of white? 😉 I’ve been a white room lover for a very long time.

    Does that mean it’s the only color I’ll use? Of course not. But let’s face it, it is a color that often works when others won’t. 😉

    I’m in love with white so yay to BM 🙂

    • Yes, you can use the same white as a trim color and walls Lynda. The walls should have an eggshell/satin finish and the trim should be painted in a semi-gloss finish. It gives the perception of depth.
      As far as a wall color for Simply White, I would select a color that will work well with your cabinets and countertops.

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