Bedroom Arrangement Basics

February 13, 2016

A few readers asked if I could do a post on bedroom furniture arrangements after reading my Living Room Furniture Arrangement 101 with all the tips and basics. I believe your bedroom is your space and I like to keep it serene and quiet. Not like the rest of the crazy house! It is the last room you see when you fall asleep and the first in the morning. You deserve a nice room after all you do for everyone else all day!:

bedroom blue


Your main piece in the room is your bed of course. It is the largest piece in the room and considered the focal point of the room. The first step is to find the perfect spot for your bed and then working everything else around that. It is suggested that you place your headboard on the wall opposite the entry door because that is the most visually pleasing look. If you are fortunate, you have an empty wall across from the entrance to the room:

Liz Carroll aqua bedroom


An issue I sometime  run into is that today many bedrooms are built with multiple windows and doors. This takes away a lot of wall space.  One suggestion is placing the headboard against the window:

bed window


window bed


Placing the bed against the window looks beautiful! I especially like the look when the bed is placed between two windows:

bedroom turquoise


I have also seen beds placed in the corner of the room:

bed corner


I would use this as a last resort because I feel it is such a waste of space, especially behind the bed.

After the bed is placed, if room allows, I always suggest using matching, yes matching! side tables on each side of the bed with matching lamps:

bedroom sym


Symmetry in the bedroom is one of my important keys in loving the look of your room:

turquosie bedroom


Symmetry brings order to the room, which is what you want in a clean and restful space. I wrote more about the pleasing look of  symmetry here.

Then we have our dressers which are difficult to arrange in the room if you have limited wall space. You do not want to block the window or view.  Another choice to consider is using a chest of drawers that will fit under the window:



Or, try placing your dresser in your closet if possible. That is what I did in my bedroom because of all of the windows and entries:

closet dresser


Here are a few tips I find useful when decorating a bedroom:

* Keep the wall color quiet and peaceful so that the room feels serene. No jarring or wild paint colors for sleeping rooms!

* As I mentioned here last week, adding a rug to my bedroom brought it to the next level. So nice and warm on my feet and I love how the rug anchored the room all together:


* Measure and then measure again before purchasing that headboard, rug, etc. Make sure it will be the right size before you have it delivered. Here is a great example of finding the correct size and placement for your bedroom rug:

bed rug chart


* Use stools or a bench at the foot of the bed for extra seating:

bed bench


bed bench2


* If room allows, I love to create a seating area. In a small room, this can be something as simple as a stool or bench. In a large bedroom, you can have chair or a sofa for your seating area:

bed seat


bedroom bench


* Remember that your bed is your focal point. Dress it up in your favorite colors and fabric that will make you smile each time you walk in. A new comforter will transform the space or even a pillow you love.

I hope I have answered some of your questions and given you new ideas to try. You deserve a relaxing, beautiful room to call your own!

           Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  xo


  1. Such beautiful and inspiring bedrooms! Thank you Kelly for sharing your knowledge on room arranging. Very helpful tips! We painted our bedroom a Sherwin Williams color called Quietude. The name fits. ?

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